Old Desktop keeps rebooting after new software- Help!!

  buel 18:55 09 Feb 2012

Hi, I have an old desktop pc with xp and i've just tried to use a wireless dongle and the pc restarted and keeps restarting and wont go to Safe mode or any similar options. Please may i ask for some help?

  KRONOS the First 19:41 09 Feb 2012

Do you have a XP disk and perhaps do a repair install?

  buel 19:52 09 Feb 2012

Hi, Yes i do, phew!! Please could you give me a link to some easy instructions of how to do it?

  northumbria61 20:11 09 Feb 2012
  Terry Brown 21:26 09 Feb 2012

First boot up and press the correct key to get into BIOS.

Change boot order to CD first

Insert XP into the drive and re-boot computer

Accept all settings until you get to Blue screen 'Terms and Conditions'

Pres F8 to continue then press ESC for advanced mode.

If you have data you want to keep, select the REPAIR option otherwise select the drive you want to install on and delete the partition.

Be careful to choose the correct drive and partition as this is NOT reversible.

Full instructions are on the screen.


  buel 22:22 09 Feb 2012

If Repair is not one of the options, you should press to Quit. This usually means that the version of Windows on the CD does not match the one already installed.

Ermmmm.....i dont get the 'r' option on using both my XP and XP Pro discs.......what on earth do i do now please? What does this mean? (It IS XP though)

  KRONOS the First 04:59 10 Feb 2012

Just to make sure that you have done all the right things have a look at this: Repair XP.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:09 10 Feb 2012

i dont get the 'r' option on using both my XP and XP Pro discs

means it can't find the windows installation on your disks.

At what point is it restarting?

  buel 15:51 10 Feb 2012

Hi, Sorry for the delay. In restarts after the Windows XP logo has been on for maybe 10 seconds (Which is usually just when it continues to the desktop)

  Secret-Squirrel 16:03 10 Feb 2012

Buel, am I right in assuming that you installed some drivers for a new wireless dongle and from that moment on you've had that problem? If so then read on:

I appreciate that you can't get into Safe Mode. However, are you able to get to the menu that lists these options? If you are then select "Disable automatic restart on system failure". Now, that won't fix your problem but I'm hoping that the boot process will halt at a blue screen. If it does then I'm interested in the name of the driver that caused the crash - it'll hopefully be listed and it's usually a filename that ends in .sys.

If we can determine which driver is playing up then we can use your XP CD to load the Recovery Console and tell Windows to disable that driver.

  buel 20:22 10 Feb 2012

Hello there and a huge thank you for the great help!! Ok, i did as you suggested, this is all i got on the blue screen (in my vague terms):

UNMOUNTABLEBOOTVOLUME A message tells me that if this is the first time this has happened i should restart. Then it tells me that i should check if there is any new hardware or software installed (This is where i shouted "THERE IS BUT YOU WONT LET ME SEE IT") Then a message saying that i should disable Bios memory options such as caching or shadowing. Then this: *STOP: 0X000000ED (0X8A3E 0900, 0XC000009C, 0X00000000, 0X00000000)

Does this help at all?

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