Old desktop hard drive...

  DANZIG 23:30 19 Mar 2010

Might seem an obvious one, but I'd like to know if its possible. I've got an old desktop that I've not used for ages.

Its got a 40gb hard drive in it with a fair bit of stuff on it.

I also have a lap top that I always use that has an external hard drive that I use to store photo's etc etc.

Would it be possible to take the hard drive out of the desktop PC, put it in an external enclosure and use that as an external hard drive as well, so that I could get rid of the desktop but retain all the stuff I have stored on it.

My lap top uses Vista, and the desktop uses XP. What would happen when I plug this hard drive into my laptop??

  rdave13 00:35 20 Mar 2010

Vista should see it as an external usb drive. You should be able to navigate to my docs and any photos,music etc that's on the hdd.
Check the enclosure takes IDE and SATA drives so no problems which type of drive it is.
You can then format it and use as a backup of data.

  DANZIG 08:38 20 Mar 2010


What other bits of the desktop could I use with the laptop as well?? In an external USB type way.

The desktop has separate DVD and CD drives in - could they be utilised in some way??

  Technotiger 09:19 20 Mar 2010

In theory, both the DVD/CD drives could also be connected via USB using Powered adapter cabled connections. But might be over-loading laptops USB setup. click here

  alibob1526 08:27 01 Jun 2011

I read technotigers comments with interest as I have a 40gb & 320 gb hard drive taken from an old Dell desktop on Windows XP. I now have a 320 gb Windows 7 64 bit laptop. Are you saying that if I buy the cables suggested in your link from USB Now, I will not need anything else?, just connect the cables & see what Is on the old hard drives, both are (I think) IDE. As a pensioner with limited techno savvy I don't wish to spend part of my limited pension if it won't work. Your expertise would be very much appreciated, Thank You.

  birdface 08:47 01 Jun 2011


Nice to see you back again.

  Nontek 09:23 01 Jun 2011

buteman the thread is over a year old!

alibob in answer to your question - Yes, make sure you get the powered version. I have one of these, they are excellent.

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