Old desk top gone for repair

  geek84 13:54 15 Mar 2010

I bought a desk top from PC World about 10 years ago, and took out a cover plan. It needed repair earlier this year, and the engineer took the 'tower' part of the machine to their workshop to get repaired.

However, on the coverplan, it says that if they cannot repair it within a specified time limit, they will replace it with a similar machine. Now that the 'qualifying time' has passed, I am thinking of putting in a request for a replacement machine.

What things would I need to look out for when requesting for a replacement machine - i.e. obviously they will not give me a top of the range machine as a replacement, and there may be some more conditions attached to the offer.

Many Thanks

  oldbeefer3 15:12 15 Mar 2010

I would be very surprised if PC World would give you a new maching after 10yrs! There must be something in the small print, I would guess.

  Ex plorer 15:38 15 Mar 2010

Cover plan, have you been paying for this plan over the past 10 years.

I thought most cover plans were 1 to 5 years depending on what you paid for the plan when you first purchased it from PC World.

My experience with PC World.
I had the missfortune of a PC going duff with a cover plan after 2+ years.
I paid just over a thousand for it and was offered £500 to purchase a new one, at the time i added a further £250 to get a better spec Desktop.
I think it had the millennium OS at the time.

  sunnystaines 18:43 16 Mar 2010

if they have taken your money for ten years then they should at lease give you their base pc which will be their nearest spec.

read terms and conditions if you still have a copy

  peter99co 11:42 21 Mar 2010

Any progress?

  Kevscar1 16:06 21 Mar 2010

Just as a matter of interest how much have you paid for this over 10 yrs. More than enough to get a respectable new machine or less.

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