Old computer, and New network

  Dearersteak 21:55 24 Jun 2003

ok, I'm setting up a network for my father. The main computer, that is currently connect to a 1mg Board band connection, is a 1.5 Ghz P4, 256 Rambus. So thats not a problem. But the other machine i'm looking to connect, was built in 1996. Its still runs windows 3.11, has a 4 gig hdd, and a amazing 60Mhz P1. Along with 8 meg of ram. Now this machine is going to be in a garge thats at the other end of that garden. But its too far to run a cable, so for that machine, i'm going to connect wireless. the other's i'm going to connect via Hard-wire.

1st question is... win 98's system requirements require a 66Mhz CPU and 16mb (min) of ram.. Now the ram is'nt the issue, as thats easyey sorted, but the CPU's a socket 4, and theres no way i'm going to find a replacement for it. But..If i try and install 98, will it run on the 60Mhz? My reason for not just buying a new machine is that all this one wil be used for, is reciveing E-mail, and surfing the web... looking for car parts ect. So it does'nt need to be fast at all!

My second question is.... the other computer is about 135 feet away (Staying in the US at the mo and they don't have metric tape measures here )from where the routers going to be... this goes across the garden, and thereis very liitle in the way. Would a wireless network reach this far?

I know its late back home. but Any input on anything would be welcomed! thanks

  jazzypop 22:05 24 Jun 2003

There is no simple solution that springs to mind, but the simplest I can think of right now is to use a Cat5 Ethernet cable to join them. 300ft is the quoted maximum length for Cat5, and it will actually work beyond this range if it is good quality cable and installed carefully.

Then find and install an ISA network card see click here for details.

Finally, setup ICS on the newer PC, and tell the Win 3.11 PC to use it as a gateway.

P.S - the procedure for NIC installation is very different for Win 3.1 - see click here in case you made a typo.

  Dearersteak 22:12 24 Jun 2003

See, the problem is, that if i run a cable... i would have to dig a 3 foot trench to keep it from freezing, because over here, the ground freeze's about 3 foot down, and the cable would'nt last long.

I Want the other PC to run 98, because my dad would'nt have a clue on how to use 3.11, And the machine has PCI's on it, so thats not a problem

  jazzypop 22:29 24 Jun 2003

It's been a long time, but I seem to recall that W98 performs a 'minimun spec' check as part of the setup routine, and simply refuses to install on less than a 486/66 CPU and 16MB ram. Remember also that MS's mnimum spec is about 20% less than anyone would actually want to use it on.

  jazzypop 22:31 24 Jun 2003

My memory failed me - seems that you can install W98 on a 60MHz cpu after all - click here

  jdsmort 22:56 24 Jun 2003

If you can't get W98 to run easily(min 32 megs Ram) then why not 95B which is very stable, and to all intents the same from a users point of view.

  Gaz W 02:23 25 Jun 2003

I installed Windows 95 on a 486SX/66MHz. Although this is slightly faster, the CPU is of an older type. I have also heard that Windows 95 needs a 386DX processor, so you'd have no trouble running that.

With 95B you could install Internet Explorer 4.0 and use the "Desktop Update", which makes Windows 95 look practically the same as 98 (Quick Launch bar, active desktop etc), but this does slow it down a bit.

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