Old computer and black screen!

  gumperstain 18:49 07 Jan 2012

i've had a laptop for 8 year now (Evesham Voyager X5) and about 3 years back, knocked it off a table which messed up the screen so it wouldn’t light up. however everything else works fine on it and i’ve been hooking it up to an old block monitor, but i find it annoying now as i have lots of valuable software on the machine. i’m not too great on the hardware side of computing, however i did a bit of research today, watched some utube videos and found out it’s most likely either the inverter or backlight gone bust. the thing is though, as the computer so old, i can’t seem to find anything about its spec and i was wondering if it matter what make/model inverter i bought if i was to buy one too the computer's voltage and the lcd screen it has on it already?

  robin_x 19:35 07 Jan 2012

I would say it's more likely screen/backlight.

If it was just the inverter, the screen would still work but be very dim (almost black).

Shine a torch to see if you can see anything.

When I knocked my 2 yr old laptop (3 months at time) off an 18" side table onto carpet, it actually cracked the screen fairly obviously.

New screen cost me £70 from amazon

They are bit cheaper now, but you might have trouble with an 8 yr old laptop.

Replacement was easy for me (I am an electronic engineer). There are loads of Youtube vids and of course mfrs Service and Maintenance Manual Guide pdfs to help. If you are practical, it is certainly doable.

But if pennies allow, you might want to consider a new laptop and connect your old Hard Drive in a caddy via USB to transfer everything over.

Old applications won't transfer, but there are lots of Freeware sites for most things (unless you have something special)

  robin_x 19:36 07 Jan 2012

Also, best case would just a loose/dislodged cable/connector on your old laptop.

You'll have to strip down to see of course.

  gumperstain 21:17 07 Jan 2012

thanks very much for replying, i did shine a torch through the back of the screen once i took the front cover and everything else off as showed in one of the videos and everything on the display could be seen just about so does that mean you can rule out it being the blacklight and it is the inverter for sure and all wires are fully connected?

  robin_x 21:46 07 Jan 2012

OK good. Now just a choice between backlight CCFL tube and inverter.

I just found an old post here which I replied to. Forgot what is best guess.

'If lamp flickers on power up, it's most likely the lamp'

Of course, a drop could mean all bets are off.

  robin_x 21:49 07 Jan 2012

I think a drop would more likely break a lamp any way, but inverters are (maybe) cheaper and easier to replace.

  robin_x 21:53 07 Jan 2012

Or did the lid switch move in the drop??

Wade thru the above anyway.

  gumperstain 10:08 08 Jan 2012

from what i remember the lid switch did move the outer plastic and jam. getting it to go back into position, snapped one of the clips.

the screen doesn’t flicker at all when i first power up if you mean by lighting up, just stays dark

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:30 08 Jan 2012

http://www.micro-nano-it.com/ based in west mids repair your laptop if you don't fancy stripping it yourself

  1. make sure lid switch is not made disconnect cable from it if poss and retry

  2. inverter will have part number on board hardest part I've found when doig screens is getting the bezels off, inverter, light and screen change have been easy after that.

  gumperstain 09:42 09 Jan 2012

i’ve found a few numbers, put them in to ebay but can't seem to find a exact match to the inverter it seems i need.

there's no wires disconnected as all seem to be wrapped in a silver padding, apart from two thin wires that run parallel up on the inner back casing which then curve in opposite directions along the top near the lid switch which don't seem to be connected to anything after that. any ideas what i'm talking about and what's the purpose of them are?

  robin_x 11:33 09 Jan 2012

The X5 has built-in WiFi?

Those leads sound like the aerial.

Did you fix the lid switch? Or operate it manually?

Are you sure the inverter needs replacing or just want to try?

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