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  [DELETED] 13:56 06 Nov 2003

I have one PC upstairs with Windows XP and one downstairs with Windows Me. The Me machine is connected to broadband via an external modem and telephone socket. Both machines are bog-standard with no network cards etc. What is the easiest way to get both machines to use the same broadband connection?

  recap 20:56 06 Nov 2003

Fit a network card in both machines and set-up a simple LAN. Use a crossover cable to connect the two computers.

Other than that, I am not 100% certain that you can connect the two via a USB cable, if this is possible the connection would be far slower than that of a LAN.

  graham√ 21:30 06 Nov 2003

In words and pictures click here

  [DELETED] 22:02 06 Nov 2003

Many thanks to graham√ for the link. I have spent many hours trying to find the answer to my question on the internet. Each time I have come up with answers that do not give full details of the equipment needed. I have read about routers, ethernet, LANs, home networks etc etc but not one simple explanation that I can understand. The gyre.co link appears to explain all with even lists of equipment needed. Many thanks. Thanks too to Recap!

  [DELETED] 07:45 07 Nov 2003

After overnight mulling, I am wondering why the reply was not simply:
Buy a cheap USB router (if there is such a thing) and connect between PC1 and modem then connect USB cable frm PC2 to router.
Is this simple logic (at least to my simple mind) not workable? I know that there are advantages to networking but I can live without them in this instance.
Am I just too simple minded?

  [DELETED] 10:19 07 Nov 2003

I think you will find there is no such thing as a usb router only ethernet in which case you need ethernet cables etc as shown in graham√'s link

  [DELETED] 10:23 07 Nov 2003

PS or you could go wireless for you connections but that would be costly

  [DELETED] 10:26 07 Nov 2003

Router . Not cheap, about ?100 with cables for one capable of taking Bt Speed touch modem ie USB modem.

  [DELETED] 10:28 07 Nov 2003


  graham√ 10:39 07 Nov 2003

USB router, but you still need ethernet cables and cards. I don't think USB connections between PCs would give satisfactory performance. click here

  [DELETED] 13:28 07 Nov 2003

The cheap way of sharing you BB connection is to do a simple network using cards and cross over cable. But this will require your main computer to be on all of the time your second machine is using BB. This method is fairly cheap, being cost of cables and network cards at about ?10 per card. The other way is using the router which is more expensive as stated earlier. But it means that your main computer does not need to be on when using your other machine. Obvious security advantages here if Kids are using the second machine you can password protect your main computer to stop those important files dissapearing. :))

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