Old base unit...what's it worth?!

  cassie75 21:46 02 Feb 2003

Hi there,

I have an old Base unit that I keep meaning to get rid of, I am think of putting it on Ebay but not sure what to sell it for?!
Any thoughts please would be greatly appreciated!
Spec is as:
AMD 400mhz Socket type,ASUS Motherboard(5PCI,2ISA,1AGP) 64MB SDRAM PC100, x52 CDROM, 4.3GB Seagate Hard drive, Floppy drive, S3 Trio AGP Graphics card, 56K Modem, Soundblaster Soundcard..c/w Win98SE,4D Scroll mouse and keyboard.
Iam keeping the monitor, it is not branded, built by me many moons ago....
It is in excellent condition, justa ballpark figure please.

  Switcher 22:51 02 Feb 2003

Sorry to say this but probably nothing.

  woodchip 23:02 02 Feb 2003

£130 without monitor

  Djohn 23:05 02 Feb 2003

cassie75, I agree with Switcher, to a point! If the O/S CD is included in the offer then it must be worth £75 to £100.

Not a lot I know, but this could make an excellent starter system for someone who can't afford to buy the latest specs. I think there is still a lot of useful life left in this system. Regards J.

  Djohn 23:07 02 Feb 2003

Sorry woodchip, you posted while I was still typing! (Or trying to) :o)

  highspeed? 23:08 02 Feb 2003

Hi cassie75
I too am sorry to say you will get very little for your machine.
It sounds like it was a fond friend of yours, Have you ever considered donating it to one of those charities that help introduce young children to computers? It may again become useful? Just a thought.

  woodchip 23:11 02 Feb 2003

I agree with what you say

  billyliv 00:04 03 Feb 2003

Hi, It will be worth a million dollars to someone who otherwise wouldn't be able to get one if you donate it. Cheers, Bill

  algo mas 00:08 03 Feb 2003

DO you REALLY want this?
Donate it to a computer charity. Look for one on UK google.

  anchor 08:43 03 Feb 2003

In my opinion, £50, if you are very lucky, especially as you don`t mention an O/S.

I know this seems very little, but a quick look through any PC mag will show you the incredible offers for an up to date machine.

  Cuddles 11:05 03 Feb 2003

Just looking on ebay and there is a 400mhz going for £85.00 item number 2304107532, so i should think you could easilly get the same if not more.

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