Condom 00:24 26 Dec 2008

Some years ago I gave my son my old scanner which he has used on Win 2000 without any trouble. He has now upgraded to XP Pro and although the computer is recognising the scanner OK and has installed the necessary drivers the other AGFA software on the CD 1.05 won't install at all. I believe it might be because it is 16 bit and built for Win 98 circa 1999.

Does anyone know of some free software which he can use in order to use the scanner. He is only a home user and it does seem a shame to through out a perfectly good machine for the sake of a piece of software. Or perhaps there is more to this than I understand.

Merry Xmas everyone at PCA

  €dstowe 07:33 26 Dec 2008

I fitted up an old Snapscan with drivers from

click here

  jack 10:03 26 Dec 2008

When XP came along most scanners built for the Win DOS O/S[95-98-Millennium etc] simply did not translate to the NT O/S of XP
Though some manufacturers tinkered with the drivers- it was rarely successful.
This is because I understand it had more to do with the scanner firmware- designed to respond to DOS commands and not NT commands [though some dual models existed]

One way try to get out of this impasse is to try the Program Compatibility Wizard
Go-to START/All Programs/Accessories/program Compatibility Wizard/and reset to Win 98.

  Miké 11:21 26 Dec 2008

There is a (non free) program called Vuescan that should work with the Agfa click here I have used this to run an old Agfa e20 under Linux.

  Stuartli 11:22 26 Dec 2008

If it's a parallel port scanner, then Agfa didn't produce XP drivers as far as I'm aware for such models.

However, the USB type such as my SnapScan 1212u are able to be used with XP thanks to Scanwise 2.0 drivers and software.

My version is

  Woolwell 14:20 26 Dec 2008

I had to get a new scanner to replace my Agfa 1212p (parallel port) when I moved from Win 98 to XP. There were/are no drivers for it.

  anchor 14:42 26 Dec 2008

Is your model the USB version; if so try the link suggested by €dstowe.

If not, then it seems unless you pay about £27 for Vuescan you are stuck.

Personally I would rather add some more cash and get something like an Epson Perfection V200 Photo. This would be very much better. Review here

click here

  T0SH 15:45 26 Dec 2008

Windows XP has a selection of compatibility modes for just this event, try right clicking then properties on the Setup exe or Install exe file, then selecting the compatibility Tab to get the various OS choices

Cheers HC

  Condom 16:38 28 Dec 2008

Thanks Everyone. I have just come back from My son's house and followed €dstowe's suggestion. Version downloaded and installed fine and the scanner is now scanning beautifully.

I've also saved the download so he doesn't have problems again should he ever decide to carry out another upgrade without ensuring he has copies of all the software he needs for re-installation.

  Stuartli 19:04 28 Dec 2008

I hadn't realised that €dstowe's link was to the same drivers, as I just hovered the mouse over his link to see the URL...:-)

You'll probably get an idea of how old my 1212u is by the fact I bought it from jungle.com for £33, a price that was less than half that of Agfa's official products sales page on the long gone jungle website....

Elsewhere it was selling for a three-figure sum and I was/still am very chuffed with my bargain buy.

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