hawk2 19:36 23 Mar 2004

does any kind person out there know how to remove a.o.l. from a pc easily as it seems to have taken over, the version is 8.0.

  iqs 20:15 23 Mar 2004

it worked for me with xp....go to add/remove programs.

  Mango Grummit 20:16 23 Mar 2004

..... easypeasy. What OS you on?

  Djohn 20:26 23 Mar 2004

As above, use the Add/Remove from control panel. This will still leave a hundred or so files/folders on your PC so go to, Start/search and type "AOL" in the search box, [Include hidden files/folders] All files/folders that are found, Delete. You can select many at each attempt but you may see a message that the files cannot be removed. If this happens, select one at a time and do it that way.

Re-boot and do the same again. You will still have a few files/folders remaining that could be removed by going into the registry but there is no need to.

Once you have done the above AOL will not show on or interfere with the running of your system. You will also not see any reference to AOL unless you actually do a search for files/folders, so to all intents and purpose it will be gone. j.

  Djohn 20:28 23 Mar 2004

Didn't refresh before posting so missed Mango's post :o(

Follow his excellent advice and you won't go far wrong. j

  Mango Grummit 20:30 23 Mar 2004

Does that work for Linux as I suspect hawk2 is not on Windows as he claims AOL has taken over I presume he means his computer). It hasn't with mine, did it with yours?

  Djohn 20:52 23 Mar 2004

Hi Mango. No, it never did and I was always happy with AOL on my system, even when at times I would have 6 or 7 versions running on test.

I had an Icon on the desktop for each one and would just sign on whichever version I was testing on the day. No problems with removing individual versions as new up-dates were downloaded.

I'm not sure why so many post are made in a derogatory manner toward AOL both in the use and removal of. I can only think that the people doing so did not give it a fair trial or blamed AOL for problems that may in fact have been with "Explorer" instead. j.

  Cesar 10:33 24 Mar 2004

I thoroughly agree with you, If AOL is such a derogatory Program why do over three Million people use it I am now using AOL 9.0 and it's the best release so far.

I have used AOL for years. And in that time have flirted with other ISP and always returned.

I think some people have a snobbery towards AOL, because everything is already set up, mail accounts etc, its seen as 'Internet Lite'. Never understood it myself, why make work for yourself? And their customer service is pretty good, and included in the price.

  hawk2 17:28 27 Mar 2004

Just to put you right,it is nothing to do with as you put it, snobbery. some people just dont like the way in which a.o.l operate, ie giving you no options as to what you want as a server, by giving you no option.

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