A.O.L. help required

  R.C.M. 19:59 02 Mar 2006

My friend who has A.O.L.9 would like some help with a problem he is having with A.O.L.

I'm on Wanadoo broadband so I really don't understand how to advice him.

He told me he can receive and send emails but he can't open his Internet page or Web page?

Anyone out there who can understand & advice him?

  stlucia 20:10 02 Mar 2006

What is happening when he tries to get a web page?

If he's getting his emails, he's obviously connected successfully. Is he typing the www. address in the box at the top of the AOL screen which has a green "Go" button against it, or in the box a bit lower down which has an orange "Search" button next to it? Or is he using Internet Explorer?

  bruno 20:16 02 Mar 2006

Is it all web pages or just someparticular ones.

  R.C.M. 20:32 02 Mar 2006

My friend said when the A.O.L. is booting up, the blue bar at the bottom of the page goes through the proceedure of loading - when done he just gets a white screen

He is unable to get any web pages

  driving man 21:26 02 Mar 2006

remove aol from add/remove programs and then re-load. It occasionally gets confused. Also make sure he is using latest version which I believe is 9a

  Kaacee 21:30 02 Mar 2006

try re building adaptor..go into aol systems.then utilities..click re build adaptor...often works when i have probs

  R.C.M. 21:32 02 Mar 2006

Hi - I suggested a reinstall but he is not sure if all his address's, passwords etc will be lost if he does this. I told him to make a copy of all the information that he thinks is important so that he can install in the new programme

  R.C.M. 21:39 02 Mar 2006

Hi I have phoned my pal and he is attempting to follow your instructions as we speak. He said he would phone me back with results.

  driving man 22:17 02 Mar 2006

his screen names will still be available as will his passwords

  R.C.M. 22:24 02 Mar 2006

I'm still waiting his reply - trying to work through three or four telephone people is clearly not the best idea - however I live too far to go to his house to try and fix the problem first party. But will persevere.

  CurlyWhirly 16:24 03 Mar 2006

Has he tried running 'Computer Check Up' as there is a browser fix there?

It is accessed from the Help menu.

Also is he using the AOL browser?
I used to use it but it kept causing me problems so I rarely use it now as I use Firefox instead.

Has he tried using an alternative browser or even 'proper' Internet Explorer as opposed to the AOL browser?

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