OK,have domain,webhost,need help now.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 09:10 18 Dec 2004

hi,i have registered my domain with 1and1.co.uk and bought webhosting with click here and i have a homepage ready to put on,but i have no idea on how to do it.my domain is game-of-death.co.uk,and i want my page to come up.cheers.ben

  Taran 10:21 18 Dec 2004

Although the vast majority sites are published using either FTP of one form or another or a web based file manager I'm afraid I've no idea how you publish your page.

Your web host should have sent full details of your FTP account, username, password, directory structure, DNS and so on. Without it you can't publish your site at all and you should have received it wihtin moments of paying for the hosting.

For my own part I often prefer to give clients individual accounts with a mainstream web host - hosting is not something I care to run for people on a large scale, but I do offer server space for those who want it on my own Windows and Linux servers. It takes me moments to set up and everything is automated after client detail input, so that the clients receives their username, log in details, FTP account information and everything else a few seconds after I have set up their account.

You should have received a comprehensive email detail, along these lines:




To log in immediately, follow this link, using your username and password:

http : // IP Address does in here

Once your domain resolves, you will be able to follow this link:

http : // www . your domain name .com/admin

Bandwidth: X Megabytes

Disk Space: X Megabytes

Virtual Domains: 1
Subdomains: 10

POP Email Accounts: Number of

Email Forwarders: Number of

Email Autoresponders: Number of

Email Mailing Lists: Number of

POP Server: mail . domain name .com

SMTP Server: mail . domain name .com

Login username: Whatever
Password: Whatever

FTP accounts: Number of

Anonymous FTP: OFF or ON status (preferably off)

FTP Server: ftp . domain name .com

FTP Login: Whatever

Password: Whatever

IP address: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (where xxx is three numbers of the IP address)

DNS Servers:

NS1: ns1 etc,

NS1 IP: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

NS2: ns2 etc,

NS2 IP: xx.xxx.xxx.xxx

There will be much more, or possibly less, information sent to you based on the features of your account, but the bits you need are the FTP details, which allow you to set up the FTP server, username and password, without which you can't publish a thing.

As I've said, the setup process is largely automated through a server administrators control panel and once your account has been created your details will be emailed automatically. It takes minutes to do and seconds for your email to arrive once the account has been created.

There are no support documents or general instructions on your hosts site and so I am as helpless in this as anyone else will be.

Sorry, and good luck.


  Taran 10:32 18 Dec 2004

What I will say is that you also need to access the DNS settings in your 1&1 control panel and change the defaults to your web hosts named servers. This will take about 24 hours to change, so don't expect to alter them and visit your site straight away, but that is one step I can help you with and I forgot to include it in the above.

Log into 1&1, select your domain and put a tick next to its name in the Control Panel. From the drop down DNS menu select "Edit DNS Settings". Change the two named servers to your hosts details and save the change. Go away and ponder life, the universe and everything, think lofty thoughts and about a day or so later you will be able to access your site on the space your host has provided (hopefully).

I don't want to open up an old thread discussion but this is possibly a good example of the difference between a good host and a, shall we say, less than optimal one. All of your details should have been sent to you in relatively simple English within a very short time of paying for your account. Without them you can't do a thing.

For about £20 per year or so you could have reasonably good hosting through Web Mania, on a well specified account, with full control panel access, MySQL and PHP support and so on. Their site also has quite comprehensive support information, tutorials and a 'live chat' option to type a questions and answers session with one of their support techs. Other hosts offer similar support.

Anyway, you need to alter the DNS settings in 1&1's control panel to point to your new hosts servers. A day or so after doing that, if you did it properly, your domain will at least point to the right place, but you still need to figure out how to get the files up there.


  Taran 11:27 18 Dec 2004

The 1&1 control panel now features full DNS editing rights which, until recently, it didn't.

It should be said though, that apart from adjusting the two named servers, changing anything else is unwise in the extreme and changing anything at all, even the DNS settins, can goose things totally.

1&1 even say as much on their pages and inputting the correct DNS information for your two named serves is not necessarily going to guarantee that things go smoothly. Problems do crop up, which is why 1&1 thoughtfully provide a reset option to return the DNS settings to the 1&1 defaults.

The easiest option by far could be to take out a low level hosting account with 1&1. You should be able to set this up and have the site live by tomorrow.


  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 12:23 18 Dec 2004

thanks very much,they sent me an IP to log in CTRL pannel untill domain resolves,DNS settings sent and changed,i asked tony the one who is hosting it the same question,he offered to guide me through,or he'll do it for me,but here is what he said:'HI
Right log on to your cpanel,this is your account with your domain name you have hosted with us.
when you have got your cpanel in front of you,look for file manager,click on that,
up on the left it says upload file,click on that,and direct it to your file(homepage that you want place).
that will get your file onto your cpanel,sometimes it will load on its own...let me know.tony.'.cheers all.ben

  Taran 13:16 18 Dec 2004

Your instructions should have been plain from the outset and contacting Tony should not have been necessary at this stage.

Give it about 24 hours from updating your 1&1 DNS settings and check to see whether the domain is resolving to your hosts space. In the meantime, your temporary login account should allow you to upload files. This means you can put a home page and whatnot up there for when the DNS change takes effect.


  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 17:59 18 Dec 2004

thanks for all your help,it has been 3 days since the DNS settings have been changed,it says 'DNS' next to G-O-D domain,although this is a UK domain,and there is nothing about a IPSTAG change?.thanks alot ben.also thanks FM

  Taran 14:09 19 Dec 2004

Are you saying that it has been 3 days since you changed the DNS settings and the domain is still not resolving to your web hosts space ?

If that is the case then you either have incorrect settings for your two named servers in the DNS settings or your host has given you the wrong settings to use.

This is irritating really, from you point of view anyway.

Normally you could set the change in motion at lunchtime today and expect it to have been actioned by lunch tomorrow. It rarely takes longer than 24 hours and certainly I have never known a DNS update to take 3 days.

You did just alter the ns1. xxxxxxxxxxxxx and ns2. xxxxxxxxxxxxx settings in the 1&1 control panel didn't you ? Changing anything else can break other things, but as long as you only changed the two named servers it should have all gone swimmingly.

I don't normally offer direct intervention, but if you'd like me to look at the DNS settings for you I will. To do so I will need your 1&1 username and password and the DNS settings your new host gave you. I will more than understand if you don't want to offer that information out and even if you do, send it by email, don't post it in the forum.

Click the envelope icon next to my name to send me a message and we'll go from there, if you want to.

Three days means there is a problem somewhere.


  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 14:49 19 Dec 2004


  Taran 16:11 19 Dec 2004

OK, the good news is that you've done nothing wrong by alternig your DNS in the 1&1 control panel.

The bad news is that the reason your site is failing to load is because the IP address associated with the named servers cannot be validated.

Basically, your web host has an issue with their IP address(es) in relation to the accounts they are taking on, and as long as that remains your domain name will stay offline.

If you have control panel access to your new web hosts space, look in there and see if anything is listed for IP addresses (don't change anything though) and also look at the DNS settings as well.

There could be any number of things going on here but the most likely is that your web host hasn't a clue what he's doing and is selling space he can't adequately provide. That's just my opinion of course and certainly not any sort of official comment from PC Advisor, with whom I have no connection.

For the sake of speed I suggest you do two thngs:

1. Either use the reset button on your 1&1 control panel to put the DNS settings back to how they were or...

2. Take a £20 or £30 hosting account with Web Mania or Web Attention and when you have it point your DNS to it.

You could easily turn this around by this time tomorrow evening.

I have no other agenda here than trying to get your site online as fast as possible. When I tested the water with Web Mania some months ago I registered a domain and account with them and it went live in the fastest time I have ever experienced from any web host, regardless of cost.

Your other option is to repeatedly email 'Tony' on the off chance that he is willing or can be bothered to fix the problem for your couple of pounds.

Please don't take any of the above the wrong way. Nothing is meant sarcastically - I just get irritated when something that should be straight forward falls flat and I've seen this sort of thing too often for comfort.


  Taran 16:13 19 Dec 2004

I've deleted your email so if you require any further direct help I will need your details again.

This is for your own protection and the email is well and truly gone beyond recall.


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