Okay that was random............

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 19:55 26 Jan 2005

Hi,my computer rebooted for no apparent reason just like that.no warning?.should i look into it,or does this happen once in a while.thanks.ben

  woodchip 19:59 26 Jan 2005

Try to do what you was doing, to see if the same thing happens again

  mattyc_92 19:59 26 Jan 2005

This used to happen when winxp was first introduced (and when SP1 was added)... But SP2 should of fixed this problem.... I would check for Viruses in the "boot-sectors" of the drive and probably a FULL SYSTEM scan to make sure... Look for Spyware and Adware as well and see if any are there!!!

  Technotiger 20:00 26 Jan 2005

Hi, shouldn't happen, but any number of reasons could cause it. Possible outside 'attack' or possible electricity surge to name but a couple.
Just to be on the safe side I would advise running a virus and/or aw-aware check.


  johnnyrocker 20:02 26 Jan 2005

check mains connections?


  alan227 20:08 26 Jan 2005

Have you checked the logs in Event Viewer.
To access this click start / right click My Computer / click Manage / click Event Viewer / click System / scroll down till you find red circles with a white X in them ( Errors ).
If you double click the error then double click the Microsoft URL it will give you more information about the error.

  dan11 20:18 26 Jan 2005

If it was a widows restart, against a electric power restart. You can stop the restart and have a blue screen message, instead.

Right click my computer > properties > advanced > start up and recovery > settings. Take the tick out of automatically restart.

If it's a windows error, you should get a blue screen with a bit of info on it.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 20:18 26 Jan 2005

woodchip - i was playing a song in WMP and pca and hotmail - good to see you,havn't seen you in a while :).matt/techo tiger - running MS anyspyware,pc cillin ect.thanks guys.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 20:29 26 Jan 2005

did what ya said dan11,checked up errors about 40 red crosses in the CDrom part.???.

  MidgetMan 21:00 26 Jan 2005

BIG Ben strikes 10 again!

Had this problem on work pc a while back, just kept random re-booting, I tracked it down to the ide cable to the cd rom, to be on safe side I replaced both cable and cd rom (20 quid) solved problem.

If you have dvd burner instead (more money)try new cable first and test run it,

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 21:12 26 Jan 2005

Hi,there have been alot of errors on the CD-rom,thing is the DVD drive is one of those ones that you slot in rather than open/close,i like it very much.the next time i open my computer ill try it,remember it has only re-booted once,could this be the last??.thanks all.ben

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