OK to uninstall Office?

  hawthorn59 21:40 17 Jun 2009

Hello folks

On my new laptop last Dec there was a version of Office, 60 day student version, I think. Im now using MS Works 9, its all I need, and is it ok therefore to uninstall Office?

I think the price to upgrade was about €70, not huge, so also Im wondering should I upgrade? Again Works is fine for me, but Office probably has a few bells and whistles.

Finally if Im uninstalling, is Revo ok or do I need an uninstall tool from Microsoft?



  chub_tor 21:41 17 Jun 2009

If Works is all you need then by all means uninstall the Office trial, you should be able to do this via Add/Remove programmes in Control Panel.

  phono 21:44 17 Jun 2009

There should be no problems uninstalling Office, use Start > Control Panel > Add Remove Programs to uninstall or, as you suggested, Revo which will do a more thorough job.

If Works does your job there is no need for Office and you could always install Open Office click here which is free, full featured and compatible with Office files.

  Technotiger 21:48 17 Jun 2009

Yes ... Revo is excellent!

When using Revo you may be prompted to re-start your computer not long after the process begins, DO NOT re-start your computer at that point, just let Revo continue. When you get the option to Select all and to Delete DO SO, you may get that same option a second time, again DO SO. Once you have clicked on Finish, re-start your computer.

  hawthorn59 04:31 18 Jun 2009


I uninstalled it using revo. It found quite a lot of left over files. I think nearly 1000. I deleted ones that definitely referred to Office but left any I wasnt sure about.....


MS Works wouldnt open, nor would any documents I had saved.

So I went back to a restore point that had been created earlier tonight. Luckily after restoring, Works is working again....though it cant do "Tip of the Day" on startup. It asks me to reinstall Works to get that back. I cant because I have no disks, it was on the laptop when I got it, so was Office. Im wondering were they intertwined in some way.....?

Anyway I guess this is a warning to anyone to be very careful...... I cant figure it out really.


  Technotiger 08:13 18 Jun 2009

I think your mistake was in being choosy and not letting Revo do its stuff. I have never had any problems, when Selecting All and Deleting All as chosen by Revo! I usually add a comment to that effect when recommending Revo.

  Technotiger 08:15 18 Jun 2009

You could create a fresh Restore Point and then try Revo again!

  gigagiggles 08:41 20 Jun 2009


somewhere on the laptop's c: drive lurks the works installer and its cabinet files.

sometimes, a program's uninstaller may have the option to repair its installation.

at worst, you could back up all your data and use the recovery partition to return your laptop to factory condition. works will be available fresh and new.

as for revo, office and works, office leaves a dinosaurus footprint (10,000+ folders and 100,000+ registry entries and values). its cousin, works and its tiny footprint, can easily get lost during the revo process.

i used revo to uninstall video lan's candidate 3 prior to installing candidate 4. revo had windows media player(!) registry entries available for me to delete.

revo's usually reliable, so i'll forgive them for this faux pas.

use open office and you can revo ms office and works without worry.

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