Is this ok for a terms and conditions type of message for my website?

  Jwbjnwolf 21:40 09 Feb 2013

Could I have your views on if this is ok how it's been written and or give me some recommendations on how I can improve it.

I'm going to put this as floating message for when people visit my website (hoping that it does it correctly. Here's my website this is for (built and powered by Weebly)


By visiting this website you agree to and understand the following:

I will accept no responsibility to any lose and/or damage to your devices software, data and/or hardware. I do not post any links to dodgy sites, I do not upload anything that may contain viruses, all uploaded content is scanned by Weebly which is what this site is powered by.

What I post on this website comes partly from my religious beliefs (Christianity) and I use quotes from the bible to support what I write.

I respect you have your beliefs, and by no means have I, do I, will I ever say that what I am writing and what I believe you have to believe too, and in no ways what so ever am I shoving the bible in your face. Christianity is in my blood, I strongly believe in it with all my heart and soul, therefore what I write is strongly what I believe, so if you don't believe it then either respect that it is my belief, or if you don't agree at all, please leave this site immediately.

I have made this notice for a reason, to prevent you from thinking that I am shoving these beliefs in your face so if you comment on any of my stuff about that you don't agree, please be aware that I will take no responsibility at all to what you have said if it has clashed with what I have stated here.

As Jase, I respect you have your own beliefs, as a Christian, I respect you have your own beliefs, and as a human I respect you have your own beliefs, so please respect I have mine.

Beliefs are beliefs, just like opinions are opinions, they are NOT FACTS!

Thank you for understanding and I hope you find my content helpful to you.

Yours Truthfully Jase Wolf


Thanks for any feedback

Jase Wolf

  Forum Editor 23:24 09 Feb 2013

You don't need to place statements like this on a website. It achieves nothing, and has no legal effect. If you want to make religious statements you are free to do so, as long as you don't advocate religious intolerance.

  Jwbjnwolf 03:04 10 Feb 2013

Ok, well it's not really about the legal side of things, it's just more meaning as a notice to those that don't like my belief and think I am forcing them upon you. I'm not gonna ask you to read it, as it is long but if you are interested, this is what the main hit is of the website.

On Instagram, what I am doing is looking in hashtags such as #suicide #blithe #depression etc, mainly #blithe and all accounts that are showing or hint they might be suicidal or self harm etc, I tag them onto my post on there which links to that article on my website, which is really really proving out to be fantastic the effect.

I have had a number of people though say stuff such as "how dare you suggest such a thing suicide being a sin", "this is wrong on so many levels", and basically what some of them think is that I am shoving my beliefs into their face and I'm saying what a lot of people who say they are Christians say "you have to believe this!!". That's the reason really I want to do this so that I have this notice to back me up about that my intensions are not like that so if they didn't read it, then it's their own fault.

I know that like you said it's not anything to do with legal stuff, but it's just really more than anything kind of personal side if you get what I mean.

It saves me having to keep saying that when people could easily just go to my site and have the notice come up straight off, so they read it before they go to the article or what ever they were directed to.

Just wanted to come here to ask for others opinions such as yours if how I have worded it sounds ok.

I've reworded it a bit now, and I've now put it on my site here.

I thought I had worked out a way to include a floating message box to appear for when visit my website (first time only) but haven't, all I'm getting is pop-up tutorials etc which I don't want due to popup blockers etc.

But if I still haven't found something then I'll post asking on a new thread that is if someone hasn't already mentioned on here by the time I ask.

  Jwbjnwolf 15:05 10 Feb 2013

I have renamed it from terms and conditions to site disclaimer as I searched up what is a disclaimer and google said "A statement that denies something, esp. responsibility." which sounds more like the type of notice I have created. I think it makes more sense then calling it terms and conditions

  jonasmarsh621 06:30 11 Feb 2013

Disclaimers are made to protect users from plagiarism. This is pretty common nowadays.

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