Ok new motherboard but wrong processor speed.

  Fatsia japonica 16:07 15 Jun 2004

Hi people, posted last week about a broken M/B and yes indeed it was broken. I now have a brand new MSI K7N2 6570. Its all installed and working, but I,ve just done a system test with MSI's own software and it says my processor is an XP2000+ running at 1666 MHZ, but last week on the old M/B it was a xp2600. In fact I know for sure its a 2600.
Am I missing something, is there something that needs to be set in the Bios.

Anyone got any ideas. Thanx in advance

  Gongoozler 16:30 15 Jun 2004

It looks very much like you have the FSB, or processor clock, speed set to 100M instead of 133M. I don't know if this is a link or BIOS setting on your motherboard.

  ened 16:38 15 Jun 2004

Go to click here

There will be a link to how to set your BIOS appropriately.

  Fatsia japonica 12:18 16 Jun 2004

Name : AMD Athlon(tm)
Description: x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 1
Manufacturer : AuthenticAMD
Version : Model 8, Stepping 1
DataWidth : 32 Bits
Socket Designation : Socket A
Type : Central Processor
CPU Id : 0383FBFF00000681
CPU Family : Power PC 604
CPU Stepping : 1
Load Percentage : 4 %
Max ClockSpeed : 1243 MHz
Current ClockSpeed : 1243 MHz
Voltage : 1.5 V
External Clock : 100 MHz
Upgrade Method : ZIF Socket
L2 Cache Size : 256 Kb
L2 Cache Speed : 414 MHz
Display Availability : Running/Full Power
PowerManagement Supported : false
Status : OK

These have been pasted from the msi WMInfo utility that came with the motherboard, I checked the bios as the machine booted and it says its in FSB 100 safe mode.

I have read the M/B manual very carefully and it seems like the jumpers need to be repositioned,to allow the chip its full potential, but for the life of me I cant work out what to do or what combination the jumpers should be set at. There are two jumpers, one with 3 pins and the other with two pins called J10 and J11 respectively I know the little plastic thing has to be repositioned but I dont know to where and what pins it should cover.

Please help me I know I'm thick!

  Fatsia japonica 12:24 16 Jun 2004

Hardware Setup
User mode
133 MHz
Safe mode
100 MHz
MSI Reminds You...
If your computer hang while overclocking, please reset J10 to
safe mode and reboot. After rebooting, enter BIOS Setup menu
to reload the BIOS Setup Defaults and reset J10 to user mode.
FSB Mode Jumper: J10
This jumper allows you to set the CPU FSB mode.
CPU FSB Frequency Jumper: J11
This jumper is used to specify the CPU FSB (Front Side Bus) frequency.
Leave the jumper short connected if a 133/166MHz FSB CPU is installed. If
the CPU supports 100MHz FSB, leave the jumper open connected. To use a
200MHz FSB CPU, set the jumper short connected and enter the BIOS Setup
Utility to adjust the CPU FSB Clock Frequency (see p. 3-12).

I've just copied and pasted from the online user manual and this is all the infomation on it, and its double dutch to me does it make sense to antone out there.

  ardvarc 12:42 16 Jun 2004

The one with 3 pins J10 - short pins 1 & 2, 1 being the top. J11, 2 Pin jumper, short both. That is settings for a 333 FSB CPU.

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