o.k new graphics card

  dickdarkside 21:19 27 Nov 2007

so it looks like i need to replace my old x1300
but after reading lots of reviews it has become as clear as mud,what sort of improvement would say an 8600 give me ? i cant afford an 8800 which seems to be the latest and greatest
i dont want tv built in and my p.c is used mainly for games and photo editing budget around £150.00
a lot of reviews on internet are out of date
my p.c is pci express but not sure if its x1 or x16 ?

  ArrGee 22:15 27 Nov 2007

I'd wait until January, when there will most probably be a few people that wish to shed there 8800 gts and gtx cards. I have already seen gts cards for around £220 new.

Whilst the GTX is only 8% better in (overall) performance than the GTS, it may be a better choice in the long run.

  Totally-braindead 12:50 28 Nov 2007

PCI E x 1 is a smaller slot and isn't designed for graphics cards. If you have PCI Express if must be a PCIE x 16 slot you have.

Have a read of this, not completely up to date but it'll give you an idea click here

  keef66 15:20 28 Nov 2007

The recently released 8800gt 512mb has already assumed the kind of cult status previously enjoyed by the 9800 pro and the 6600 GT. It is simply the best in terms of performance at a reasonable price. Price is currently around £170, which is just a bit over your budget, but it's popularity means it's tricky to find it in stock anywhere. If you wait till after Christmas, they should be more widely available and the price might drop a bit.

Scan are selling a 256mb version of the 8800GT for £120-ish, again currently out of stock but taking orders. Not seen any reviews for this version of the card though.

An alternative in the same price range would be the new ATI HD 3850, again if you can find one in stock anywhere.

  keef66 16:12 28 Nov 2007

Just seen a brief comparison of 8800GT 512 vs 256mb version. The bigger memory only really makes a difference at high resolutions and with AA and AF enabled. I'm off shopping for one of the baby ones!

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