OK to install multiple anti spyware??

  symphony 23:14 17 Jan 2008

I know it's not good to have more than one firewall (they can clash) or anti virus (Increases the 'attack surface') but what about anti spyware?
You might ask why would I want 2 or 3 AS programmes?
Mainly to try them out, they seem very different with different degrees of effectiveness. I'm guessing it's ok as some are specialised programmes for specific threats. I'm referring to the well-known free AS programmes.
Would several programmes be more comprehensive and effective or just cause problems?

  DieSse 01:00 18 Jan 2008

Yes you can use several anti-spyware programs, although it's best not to use more than one that tries to stop spyware coming into the system (ie runs all the time).

If they're the type you just scan when you wish to, then it really doesn't matter how many you have.

I have the Eset security suite - and I also run Adaware and Spybot from time to time. These days though they find next to nothing, and what they do find is of little consequence, as the Eset suite is pretty good.

On odd occasions I've tried out other programs too, on a once off basis. Nothing found by them either.

  birdface 09:50 18 Jan 2008

I only have one running and that is A Squared.I think 2-3 or 4 is about normal.I find that Adaware And Spybot did nothing and found nothing,But may be ok as back up.There are lots to choose from,You can try them,And if you don't like them you can always delete them.

  tullie 22:05 18 Jan 2008

I have four on my pc and find tha what one doesent pick up,the other will,i find Spybot S&D overall the best.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:07 19 Jan 2008

Common sense will be of much more use than any programme....click here


  Totally-braindead 10:17 19 Jan 2008

You can have more than one antispyware program on your PC as said. It is inadvisable to have more than one running all the time also as said.

I'm afraid I don't like Spybot though. I used to use it but think its fallen behind the others now and many of the others are more effective.
I like Superantispyware and AdAware personally but there are many others that work equally well.
I'm afraid I seem to have got involved in an arguement in the thread Gandalf links to as I think a particular person is going a bit OTT with software.
You can have as many as you like as long as you make sure that only one is running all the time but do remember you will need to update and scan with them and that can take a bit of time.

  iscanut 10:44 19 Jan 2008

I think that we all get a bit paranoid over this issue. I run a couple and have been doing so for some years now. Have never seen the programs pick up anything really nasty, just a few tracking cookies which are harmless.

  symphony 18:53 19 Jan 2008

Totally braindead, hi again..
I used to like Spybot, it used to be effective. It looks a bit ZX81 with a performance to match. I kept getting these unfathomable (for me at least) boxes flashing up asking is it ok to change this or that parameter? It was distracting and annoying. it wasn't piocking anything up whereas my AVG AS would, so off it went.
Also got Spyware terminator. Just trying it out. I'm not impressed yet. I like the AVG free AS programme though. Nuts and Gandalf..
We're not paranoid, they are out to get us. Seriously though it must make sense to run a free programme or two especially when they do work. I don't want to debate the issue though: 1) I'm fairly new to comps and 2) I've seen the size of the thread Gandalf referred me to! Life's too short!

  mfletch 20:04 19 Jan 2008

Hi all,

I like Superantispyware for a on demand scanner and ASquared for the real time protection,

Spybot,s teatimer is a no no for me {to intrusive}

I also use a host file this stops pop ups/ Trojans and much more,


  Bobby 20:30 19 Jan 2008

Comodo, who provide an excellent free firewall also provide a free real-time anti-malware program called Boclean. It sounds wonderful, the way they describe it on their web-site, and I have it running on my PC, but I have no idea if it is actually doing anything!!Does anyone know if it is any good?

  symphony 23:25 19 Jan 2008

How come there is so much free protection, what's in it for those who produce these programmes free?

mfletch- are any of those free?

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