OK I'm 70 but I'm not senile

  pj123 18:04 16 May 2006

There was a thread about a continous ink system for some printers. I responded to it at the time but I can't find the original thread.

I have tried many different keywords in the Forum Search box but got no results.

I would like to give the poster an update?

  Rtus 16:08 17 May 2006

thats the first refill gone then .(lets know how many A4's reqested ....... seriously looks good bit of kit (pity Rx500 not on list cant see why as the 600 virtually the same)but I dont need that amount of ink turn-over.untill my daughter comes back from uni.if you got a camera could you email me shot of how it fits .Thanks

  pj123 16:40 17 May 2006

Rtus I do have a camera but depending on where you buy the system from it could be different.

The best I can offer is:

click here

I will certainly let you know how many Epson users have asked for a sample.

Not sure whether it would work on the Rx500 but Stuartli post seems to suggest that it might:

"It should work equally as well with the R300 - the BigPockets version serves the Epson R200, R220, R300, R310, R320, RX510, RX600 and RX620 models"

But £50 plus postage is quite a lot more than I paid. £30 plus postage £7.10.

  Rtus 17:46 17 May 2006

thats ok Pj, it gives an idea of whats involved.thanks. it looks awkward for the cover not to be in place as scanner sit on top on the Rx500/600. dont know if theres alternative arrangement for internal fitment.maybe not as its fairly compact.

  Stuartli 17:58 17 May 2006

>>is quite a lot more than I paid>>

It wasn't the price, but the details of which printers could be used with this particular continuous ink system that I was passing on...:-)

It's very likely that they come from the same manufacturing source, although that's only a guess.

They are also available on e-Bay but are quite a bit more price wise (at least that was the case when I last had a look).

  Stuartli 18:01 17 May 2006

E-Bay prices quite variable...:-)

click here

  pj123 13:48 18 May 2006

Looking through the link given by Stuartli looks like there is a CISS for the Epson 1290. I have an Epson 895 which takes the same cartridges as the 1290. Although the seller is in Hong Kong it does, at least, mean that the system is available.

  Rtus 16:42 18 May 2006

if anyone considers this > be careful over the delivery charges,check all smaller print /dont know about import tax affects individual purchases?

  pj123 14:28 20 May 2006

Amendment to my post about the 1290 and 895 printers (18/05/2006 13:48)

Just checked the ink cartridges on my 895 against a friend who has the 1290. Although the black cartridge is the same the colour cartridge is different. So looks like that CISS won't work on the 895.

  pj123 16:57 21 May 2006

Will tick this thread now and will come back with an update on how the system is working at a later date.

So far though, still as good as it started.

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