ok, got NTL calling this week for NTL BBand.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:09 22 Feb 2004

Someone mentioned I can use the Onboard Lan socket which is on my Asus A7V8X-X board. Which I think you plug a Erthernet cable into.

Can someone tell me what I need to enable in the Bios screens and do I have to also enable the "Boot Networking device/18" thing also. Boot is set as DVD, HDD, Floppy is disabled and network device is disabled.

I use XP Home.

If you need more info please ask me.

  dfghjkl 23:19 22 Feb 2004

should be easy.play ntl cd,choose network cable when prompted,my system configured itself when i changed from dialup to bb.20 minutes and you are away.load it up and click on internet explorer,and you should find msn.ntl didnt leave an icon like in dialup,or even reset your homepage,i miss it sometimes,good luck.peter.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:21 23 Feb 2004

what do you need to have enabled in the BIOS for NTL broadband if connecting by a Erhternet cable or USB Modem ?

Personally I prefer the Cable as the modem is another box lying around the desk or ontop of the base unit.

  anon1 23:28 23 Feb 2004

you shouldn't need to touch the bios

  Wak 10:16 24 Feb 2004

Hi, I have had NTL 150K Broadband for over 12 months now and would suggest that you also install and keep the Correct-Connect program from NTL. Lots of people say it's a waste of time but I find it extremely useful when your browser can't find the Server.
The Correct-Connect prog will tell you whether it is your computer, the connection line or the NTL server which is at fault and saves a lot of time and problems re-entering your details when it isn't necessary.
It also takes a snapshot of your connection details so that you can restore them if things go wrong.
Like I suggest, try it, it can always be removed later if you don't want it.
I also use the LAN socket instead of the USB.

  Wak 10:21 24 Feb 2004

Incidentally, you mentioned getting rid of the modem from the desk??
If you don't have the NTL set-top box (with the built-in modem) for your TV programs then you will still have a broadband modem supplied which will sit on your desk or tower.

  Giggle n' Bits 12:37 24 Feb 2004

No one has told me do I need LAN enabled in BIOS ? Am I right in thinking that LAN in BIOS Enables the onboard lan port on rear of case/motherboard. And when enabled this puts an icon in Sys tray near clock. So the cable think they call it a RJ145/erthernet plugs into the port called Lan. Very similar to a 56K Modem socket but a bit bigger.

  obbit 15:29 24 Feb 2004

when you install the software from the cd, goto control panel, add and remove programs and remove broadjump click here

it's spyware

  SEASHANTY 15:53 24 Feb 2004

If this is a standalone NTL cable modem installation
(i.e. you do not already have an NTL cable installed for TV, phone or internet) then usually two contractors from NTL will call to lay the cable and install a small connection box inside the property. They will then connect an rf cable from this box to the NTL HOME cable modem (which will most likely be an Ambit International modem). They will also probably connect an RJ45 cable from the LAN socket on your PC to this cable modem and leave it operating. That is - with the green led lights flashing etc. Later on an NTL engineer will call and set it up working and perhaps complete the NTL registration for you and leave everything working.
At least that is what happened in my case. The engineer left me the installation CD and a USB cable. I have never had to use any of the two latter items. The CD is still in the box and the USB cable unused. That was sixteen months ago. I have lost connection for short periods on three occasions but now I don't bother checking with NTL - just leave things until it comes back on again.
The engineer will in preference take the ethernet setup because its easier to set up than USB. Just take things as they come. Have a look at Robin Walkers website for various cable modem setup info here click here

Hiya - if your LAN port is appearing in Device Manager under 'Network Adapters' then you don't need to do any more. If it isn't then you do need to check that it's enabled in the BIOS.
NTL is fairly staightforward to set up with their disk. I'm one of those who isn't a fan of Correct Connect - it seemed too intrusive, but I haven't had any problems yet (touch wood)which may make it useful.

Sorry, just re-read your original question - to enable the LAN in BIOS, press Del, F2 or whatever your boot-up screen tells you to get into Set-Up. Look for Integrated Peripherals and then enable the on-board LAN.
Ethernet is a better bet for connecting to NTL - you'll still have a box on top - the cable modem - but you'll have a choice as to which connection to use.

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