OK to extend my RJ11 Home Hub connection cable?

  Pineman100 15:12 06 Nov 2014

My broadband is BT Infinity, via a BT Home Hub 5. My PC runs Windows 8.1.

The Home Hub is currently connected to the main phone socket with an RJ11 cable about 3 metres long. I want to move the Home Hub to better location in the centre of the house, which would involve adding a 5 metre extension RJ11 cable to the existing one.

Is this likely to significantly degrade the speed of my internet connection?

All advice and thoughts gratefully received!

  Bris 15:24 06 Nov 2014

As the price of 5 metres of cat 5e cable is little more than a cup of coffee then its probably worth just giving it a try.

A 5 metre extension shouldnt have any effect on speed, the thing to consider is whether its going to be a permanent fixture in which case solid core cable is cheapest, but you will have to put the plugs on yourself, or whether a pre built 5 metre flying lead would suit you better.

Either way the cable run should be kept away from all other cables especially mains cables

  Bris 15:34 06 Nov 2014

Sorry Pineman100 didnt read your post properly.

I would try a 6 metre extension cable (around £3 on ebay) together with a back to back connector for around £1.

  Jollyjohn 15:47 06 Nov 2014

This should be fine, my only comment would be, ensure you are connected to your master BT socket. (This is usually one with a split faceplate that if you remove you find a test socket behind.) If you are not using your master socket then you are extending an extension and might lead to loss of speed.

  VCR97 19:04 06 Nov 2014

My cable is 15 metres. A few metres at the end of the run from the exchange isn't going to make any difference. As stated above, use good quality cable.

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