ok buy?

  spacecadet 15:14 03 Jan 2007

The EI System 214, equipped with Windows Media Center, is a user-friendly multimedia PC for both working and entertainment. It meets the requirements of the entire family.

The 214 has a Intel Celeron D 356, 3.33 GHz processor and fast 512Mb DDR RAM memory. It also comes with a 160 Gb hard disk, a multiformat DVD writer and a connection system that has up to six USB 2.0 ports.

The brilliant 15” TFT monitor fits into the smallest place.


# Intel Celeron D 356 Processor
# 3.33GHz, 533MHz FSB, 512KB Cache
# Genuine MS Windows media edition
# 160GB Hard Disk Drive
# Multi-Format Dual Layer DVD RW Drive
# Integrated Graphics
# 6 USB Connections
# Vista Basic Upgrade Available
# 15" TFT Monitor
my sis is getting this desktop £288 delivered to store
she will be using it for internet surfing,basic office apps and music burning,no gaming
just wondered about processor as i read something on pca about sub £500 pcs and along the lines of avoid click here

  spacecadet 15:15 03 Jan 2007

sorry avoid should read ignore older pentium d processor on pca link

  Totally-braindead 15:21 03 Jan 2007

It would do for that. Would prefer another 512mb of memory especially since it has onboard graphics but apart from that its good value.
I am always concerned when people buy a PC without a AGP or PCI Express slot. They are of course only essential for gaming but theres been quite a few people who are not into games per se and have bought something that they really liked and then found it wouldn't run and there was no way to upgrade. On the other hand I do know lots of people who never touch a game. As long as you sister is of the latter lot then it will probably do her fine.
You cannot expect a mega all bells and whistles PC system at this price.
If she has already ordered it the question becomes somewhat academic anyway.

  spacecadet 15:27 03 Jan 2007

thanks for reply,yes def no gaming
she pays for it today after work,so i just thought i would do a last minute check before its too late,ill pass on your views to her
regs D

  Totally-braindead 15:30 03 Jan 2007

The Celeron D is not the greatest processor, its a budget chip but then this is a budget computer.

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