Oh what a mess!!! Dial up/windows 98 probs.

  Epirb406 17:09 26 Feb 2003

OK, starters, know I probably caused this but have spent 3 days trying to solve it!!

Pentium II, windows 98 (1st ed). Connecting to internet with a Tipa P PCI ISDN Terminal adapter, using microsoft dial up adapter, single channel.

With two separate ISPs the connection is dialling, verifying password and logging on to network.

When connected I can ping websites so obviously a connection is made.

When I launch IE Explorer or opera I get page cannot be found messages. Outlook express gives a cannot find server message. I cannot access the web at all.

I have: Uninstalled and reinstalled the Terminal adapter. Uninstalled and reinstalled Dial up networking, dialup adaptors and IE5 and outlook express. I have upgraded and susequently downgraded to/from IE and outlook express 6.I have also reinstalled windows though with this being one of those PCs that came without disks this won't be a 'clean install'

Probable cause(?????????????????) I have been trying to connect 2 computers with a LAN and got well out of my depth, could I have caused this problem??

Many thanks for any help, links, suggestions in advance and I promise never to intefere in what I don't understand again, sincerely, Barney S.

  Epirb406 18:25 26 Feb 2003

Sorry to be impatient, borrowed machine has to go back soon....Barney

  Epirb406 18:54 02 Mar 2003

New O/S, three more days and still trying to catch up!

For future reference, any particular reason why this post didn't get any response?

Chhers, Barney

  he he :-) 19:05 02 Mar 2003

no 1 has any ideas probably.

  Epirb406 19:55 10 Oct 2003

I found all the answers here: click here a winsock2 problem in my case, hope it helps someone as now I've cracked it I'm having much more fun!!!

Cheers, Epirb.

  cottager 20:23 10 Oct 2003

Wish I'd known about this site before as I had a similar problem and, like you, spent many days trying to sort it and almost ended up bald!! Glad you are having fun now but how did you find the site? I finally found a friendly computer expert who sorted my problem out.

  Epirb406 21:54 10 Oct 2003

believe it or not, I typed something like ME network help into Google, and a long term mystry was solved!


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