Oh no! Lost my photo's!

  Stressed Mum 15:51 06 Sep 2007

Don't know how I've done this - thought I'd copied and saved files from my Sony Memory stick back in July. Went to search for photos today and can't find them! They obviously weren't put where they should be - or even copied properly - and they are no longer on the memory stick as I have cleared that! Very dissappointing. Running Windows XP using Picture folder with MS Picture viewing. Have done a complete search on C drive under all files and folders - but the photos wouldn't have been named so difficulty searching EVERYTHING! Has anyone got any ideas? Would a system restore take me back there? I'm quite sure it won't but thought I'd ask. They were a couple of video shots in the photos too. Have searched the rycyle bin without a result. Thanks. SM :(

  [email protected] 15:54 06 Sep 2007

try this program
recuva made by the same firm as ccleaner
click here

  dan* 16:02 06 Sep 2007

this is free, just for today.

it will scan all drives, even when they have been formated and recover all your deleted files. Multi stage recovery click here

I tried it on my drive and even though I passed the drive with one complete pass of 0's, I could still recover pictures and files;-)

  Chris the Ancient 16:53 06 Sep 2007

click here
click here

have worked for me in the past - especially the second one.

  mole44 17:41 06 Sep 2007

a little tip Stressed Mum,put all your pictures on a cd then you`ll have them and not have to worry about deleating them.i have 5,230/3.25Gb of family pictures archived on 2 seperate dvds and backed up on an ipod and another external hard drive.so loseing my precious family pictures is almost impossible.belt and braces i know but if memories are that precious it`s worth the trouble.

  skidzy 18:22 06 Sep 2007

Drive rescue may help out click here

Also downloading Picasa from Google,this will scan your drives upon installation for any videos and photos...normally if they are there...this will find them.click here

Just to add again,TESTDISK is very good click here

  Stressed Mum 20:51 06 Sep 2007

Gosh! thank you everyone! Still running 'Recover my files' Been running now for nearly 5 hours! Finding things that I didn't even know I ever had! But, alas, not finding these photos of 24th July. I thinkg I must have just view them from the memory stick then I started having problems with the memory stick as I was removing it safely when I didn't need to and I threw myself into all sorts of complications (see previous post on StressedMum) so, yep, think that's what happened. But if I clear the memory stick whilst in the flash card reader of the pc - where do those photos go? Impossible to try and read each listing that this software if finding. Can't find anything under the date, and as I wouldn't have had chance to name the photos then they would be able to be searched for by name.... I'll leave it running a while longer then start searching through them all again. I'll be back proably to try another software. thank for now. SM

  lotvic 00:18 07 Sep 2007

I think you need to run the 'Recover my files' on the memory stick to search for your photos

Put the memory stick in the card reader of the pc and then run the program

  Stressed Mum 10:31 07 Sep 2007

ok - I've given up! I hae download all the software recommened and run the scans. Found absolutely everything (and much more) BUT but the few photos that I'm looking for! Can run a scan on the memory stick as I no longer have it (new camera) but I clearly remember plufgging the stick in and showing my hubby a few of the phtos - must have view them directly from the stick. The a day or so later I started having problems with removing the memory stick - but I must have leared the photos from the memory stick before I passed the camaera on. I would have done this by selecting all files on the stick and deleting - I would then have been asked if I wanted to send these items to the recyle bin - which I would of course have said yes to. SO - they MUST have gone somehere onto the PC. Locating them is not easy - there are over 21,000 photos to search through! working with previews is good - but still takes absolutely ages. Not being able to identigy the file by names, dates etc has not helped. So I am going to have to give up. Too may hours not getting anywhere. although I have to say that there are files found on this pc that I know nothing about and would very much like to get rid of them altogether so that they can not be found again! Can I do that? SM

  skidzy 14:32 07 Sep 2007

SM,did you run Picasa ?

This would have scanned the harddrive and store everything it finds.
Then you can just scroll through the open folders searching for the desired pics if availble.

I tend to agree with you,i think you viewed the pics directly from the memory stick and have deleted them from the memory stick.

There would have been a small chance of finding the photos if you still had the memory stick and it had not been written to.
Basically overwriting the current crop of pictures.

If you could hold of the memory stick,try using Testdisk and Drive Rescue,there are many apps out there and they vary to how good they are.

I know,ive tried to recover photos from my sons camera and Testdisk and Driverescue where the best recovery apps i used.

  Stressed Mum 17:59 07 Sep 2007

Hi - yes run Picasa - this was the easiest to use but didn't find nearly as much as expected. Will try it again when the kids not around as the thumbnails pop up really quickly and there is so much 'stuff' that has been found that I'm not sure even I want to see it. I would however, like to get rid of it... I think I'll leave this for a while now and try again another time. Can't get the memory stick back as it went with the camera to someone I don't know. I remember being absolutely sure that I had cleared it out before selling it though... Oh well, photos probably gone forever... they say you don't make the same mistake twice!! Let's hope not. I have all my photos backed up on a Flash Drive memory stick and I've checked that - just in case it slipped in there on the last back up - but no - can't find it. thank you all for your links and advice. I'll let you know if I manage to solve the problem. SM :(

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