OH NO !! again my cacters have turned to goblede

  ZEROTOLERANCE 21:13 29 Aug 2004

Some people may remember my post a few weeks ago click here where all the font letters on my puter turned into shapes, well its happened again, this time tho i managed to notice it before i switched puter off, so its [at the momnt]just the words on my desktop and at the top of explorer & IE. i have tweak ui, and i tried to get it to fix the font folder but it made no difference.


please advise

the computers very close to a first floor window.


  ZEROTOLERANCE 21:41 29 Aug 2004

help, :(

  THE TERMINATOR 21:56 29 Aug 2004

if xp go to start, accessories, system restore and select a saved date prior to your windows going goblede....TT

  ZEROTOLERANCE 21:59 29 Aug 2004

ok il give it a go, but it made ni diff last time !

  The Spires 22:06 29 Aug 2004

I had this problem a while back and was caused by the CPU overheating slightly.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 22:23 29 Aug 2004

The Spires, Hmmm very interesting.

anyway cheers TERMINATOR, thats all it needed.

but Spires, you may have something there, thanx for that.

and thanx T


  johnnyrocker 22:27 29 Aug 2004

and the little green tick?


  ZEROTOLERANCE 22:29 29 Aug 2004

just checked with my ASUS probe [cpu MB/monitor] but the temp only raised by a very small amount, and its been higher?????

  ZEROTOLERANCE 22:44 29 Aug 2004

little green tick??????????????????

did i miss something???

  watchful 22:59 29 Aug 2004

The little green tick to show that the problem is resolved. :o)

  ZEROTOLERANCE 23:51 29 Aug 2004



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