Oh dear!! That's blown it.... or....?

  Tj_El 11:35 10 Feb 2003

Hi all,

I was in the process of trying to re-build my old AT P233MHz PC for the children and after plugging in the case cables where I thought they should be on the motherboard (I dismantled the PC quite a while ago...) and switching on, there was a little spark and smoke poured out the machine. I discovered that one of the 2-lead black/red cables had 'lost' it's insulation i.e. the stuff had melted. Oh drat!
When I switch on now, BIOS runs but nothing else - I think I have messed up the board...? What else could have been messed up?

Anyone have an old AT motherboard lying around that it excess to requirements.... :-(?


  Gongoozler 11:51 10 Feb 2003

Tj_El, can you identify where the smoke came from? It is quite possible that there will be tell-tale charring of a component or piece of track.

Old AT motherboards - I'll have a look in my junk box. What part of the country are you in?

  Tj_El 12:08 10 Feb 2003

Hi Gongoozler

The only charred thing evident was the cable - totally burnt through. It does not appear that any other component has been affected.

When I switch on all the case lights come on, both hard drives start spinning, the CD lights up, the CPU fan works and the monitor works but HDD detection fails. I can only assume from that that the mobo is not sending/receiving any signal...

  Tj_El 12:28 10 Feb 2003

Yaaay! Panic over! The spark'n'flash must have loosened something because after I checked that all connections were seated properly, PC booted up into OS. Phew!

Thank you very much for the offer Gongoozler - nice to know there are people like yourself out there always willing to go the extra mile to assist.


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