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  K.H 21:30 08 Sep 2004

Hi people

I've just downloaded an OGM file type, and when i try to play it using Windows Media Player, it's telling me it can't read this file type. Is there any codecs i can download or programs that i can download to enable me to view this file. thanks.


P.S it's a video file.

  Simon_P 21:36 08 Sep 2004

Dont know if you can get the codec for Windows Media Player

click here for more info in the OMG file type

  Simon_P 21:37 08 Sep 2004
  K.H 21:39 08 Sep 2004

for that. Hopefully it's got a usefull link.

Best regards


  MIke 22:05 08 Sep 2004

You'll need Sony's Sonic stage as supplied with their Minidisc players.Unless you got a minidisc or A Sony Vaio you can't do much with this file type. I got a MD player and Sonic stage allows you to transfer music tracks onto it, if you got a Vaio (which I haven't) you can burn them to cd as well.
I've done a fair bit of searching but haven't found any software that can convert these OMG files to MP3 or CDA I'm sorry to say
click here for a forum where you may find something useful

  MIke 22:09 08 Sep 2004

and here click here

  K.H 22:10 08 Sep 2004

Thank's for that MIke. I've managed to find a program which allows me to view the video, but i now need a way to convert the file to a .avi so that i can encode it and burn it onto a cd-r to save my hard-drive space. Does any one know any programs which allow you to do this please?

Best regards


  MIke 22:17 08 Sep 2004

Just realised I gave you info based on Simon7063 posting of OMG not what you wanted OGM.

  K.H 22:18 08 Sep 2004

no probs, but did have me confused for a while ;)

  MIke 22:20 08 Sep 2004

Have a look here for converting software might be something useful click here

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