Offsite Backup Services?

  User-064D8D8D-326C-46F0-A5916820C563BECF 13:19 04 Aug 2008

Two friends, over the past few years, have had fires that totally destroyed their homes, computers and all. One had just backed evrything up and left the HD on his dresser which turned to ash.

Has anyone had experience with an offsite/online backup service that is safe but is priced for homeowners and not corporate networks with big budgets?

  Taff™ 14:04 04 Aug 2008

I`m sure someone will suggest some services where you can upload to a secure server for a fee but realistically I couldn`t justify the cost for regular backups of a laptop and desktop. I have combined data of around 130Gb and I use Acronis True Image on both machines to make a full image backup, then incremental backups every few days.

The only practical way is to back these up to an external hard drive and keep them off site. I keep one with me or leave it at a friends house until I do the backup routine.

  johndrew 14:13 04 Aug 2008

The most important documents you can always keep safe by burning to CD/DVD (more than one copy?) and then either putting them in a fireproof safe or safety deposit box (or both). For everything else using ATI and an external hard drive is generally good enough. After all if you do suffer a fire with damage to your PC you will probably need to buy new so only those programs you have full versions of (often not the OS which is OEM) will be any good to you.

However if you decide to encrypt your backups, make certain you can decrypt if you need a new PC or the documents will be useless!!!

  Clapton is God 14:53 04 Aug 2008

This one click here provides 5GB of free backup

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