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  JWB 16:45 25 Jan 2005


I was wondering if anyone knew how to make the content of a website (i.e. links to other pages in that site), available offline? I'm trying to create a PPT presentation with a copy of a website within. However, when I save the webpages to my C drive (using the complete setting in XP) some off the content is missing, sepcifically the drop down menus?

Does anyone know of a free tool I can use to do this ensuring all content is available offline?


  mattyc_92 18:38 25 Jan 2005

Use "Surf Offline" (it will "download" all the links you want and images, programs, etc.. linked to the website and allow you to "burn" it onto a CD-R or just use on a hard-disk)

  mattyc_92 18:39 25 Jan 2005

Soz, just noticed that you are looking for a "free" way of doing this... I don't think that Surf Offline is free

  JWB 18:43 25 Jan 2005

Cheers Mattyc_92 for the response, I've found a piece of software that is free called HTTrack Website Copier and will give that a whirl!

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