Offline Browsers ?

  Channel 15:28 03 Oct 2004

As I'm still unable to read pages offline, in spite of following all the helpline instructions from Microsoft, I'm wondering if there is an offline browser, simple to set-up and use, possibly free (Am I asking too much? )I don't want to download whole sites, only a page from each.Can anyone recommend such a program ?

  Valvegrid 15:43 03 Oct 2004

Can you explain a little more, because if you download a page from a web site and its in htm or html format you should be able to go to file, open and to the location were you saved the file and just double click on it to open.

If this is not happening, perhaps you could tell.

  Valvegrid 15:44 03 Oct 2004

I meant open the browser then go to file then open, sorry wasn't clear.

  Channel 18:32 03 Oct 2004

If in adding a site to My Favorites, I click to save page for offline viewing, I synchronise it, etc. and it appears to save it OK.I also have a folder in C:/Windows called Offline Web pages, containing various pages I think I've saved. But when I try to access them offline, I get the message "Web page unavailable offline " I've tried all the suggestions on the MS help pages, to no effect.(& they're not restricted access/ password only sites )Previous messages here didn't get workable answers.Hence my wondering about offline browsers.(I can save a particular page by "Save as-- " )

  Valvegrid 18:43 03 Oct 2004

Have you had a look in C:/Windows to make sure there really are web pages in there that you've saved. I must admit, if I want to save a web page I 'save as' and save it to a folder, then when I want to view it I navigate to the file and double click on it, it then just opens in my default browser.

I have never tried synchronising the pages in favorites, its possible the link in favorites is not pointing to were the file is being saved.

  Channel 19:02 03 Oct 2004

Yes, there are pages there.Anyway, I expect I'll have to be content with "Save as-"

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