Office XP SP3

  Jackcoms 07:36 10 Mar 2004

Office XP SP3 is now available to download from the MS Update site.

But does anyone know the MS site address from where the Service Pack can be ordered on CD-ROM?

  Jester2K 07:39 10 Mar 2004

Cheers - heres a link click here

Office XP Service Pack 3

Office XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) provides the latest updates to Office XP and contains significant security enhancements, as well as, stability and performance improvements.

Size: 16 KB (< 1 min @ 56 Kbps)

  Jester2K 07:58 10 Mar 2004

SP3 might not be avalbile on CD for a while yet. Same with SP1 and SP2.

  Edstow 08:06 10 Mar 2004

Sorry, Jester 2K but the download size of SP3 is between 16441 KB - 75365 KB. Not the 16KB that MS quote in the link offered by yourself.

Unless you have an urgent need or you are on superfast broadband, it may be better to wait for the disk to be published.

I downloaded yesterday. The site must have been very busy as it took eight minutes on 1Mbps.

click here

Hope the link works


  Jester2K 08:10 10 Mar 2004

Yeah i know. I downloaded the full package (16mb one).

I think the 16kb is either a typo or because i copied that from the Office Update its another of those annoying "download a tiny file and it'll download only the bits you need" programs, hence 16 kb.......

You'd think as a registered Office user I'd get sent this on CD when it came out.

  Andsome 08:17 10 Mar 2004

This update is not showing on my computer as a critical update in Windows update. I think I'll leave it for a while and let all you good people try it first and report back with all the problems, if any.

  Jester2K 08:23 10 Mar 2004

It won't show in Windows Update.

At the top of the page in Windows Update click on the link for Office Update or click here for Office Update.

  Edstow 10:29 10 Mar 2004

It doesn't do anything drastic apart from change your default email client to Outlook instead of whatever else you may have it set to. Easily changed back though.

You do need your Office disks to complete the update so make sure you have them to hand before you begin.


  Jackcoms 18:14 10 Mar 2004

Thanks for all the useful comments guys.

But I still haven't got an answer to my question!!

Does anybody know where the Service Pack CD-ROM can be ordered from?

  anon1 19:13 10 Mar 2004

The full version is 57.5 mb and you will need the full version if you have an administrator pack. So if you slipstream you need the big one. The 16mb one is for clients.

  anchor 09:58 11 Mar 2004

Thanks for the link Jester2K

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