Office XP and Office 2000

  GazMaz 09:42 08 Feb 2003

Not sure if this has been answered before couldn't find it so here goes.
I'm currently running Office 2000, I'd like to run Office XP.
In particular I'd like to know if I can run both versions of Access on my machine, I'm running Win98.

  « Ravin » 10:00 08 Feb 2003

i don't think so.. normally the setup asks whether to remove older versions.

but i think you can install both alongside each other but you'll be prompted to insert the cd of whichever version of office you use each time you use the other version.

example when you use 2000 and then open word xp you'll be asked to insert the office xp cd before it starts and then when you use access 2000 you'll be asked to insert office 2k cd. this happened once before on an older computer when i was trying out office xp.

hope that made sense :o)

  VoG™ 10:00 08 Feb 2003
  « Ravin » 10:04 08 Feb 2003

this was what i was talking about:

"Preparing to Install..." Message Starting Word

If you have multiple versions of Word installed on your computer, when you start Word 2002, the Windows Installer may run and display a message that it is preparing to install.

  GazMaz 10:29 08 Feb 2003

Thanks I couldn't find that link at MS.

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