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  Pccillin 23:19 14 Jan 2004

I have been trying to get the latest Office XP Updates, but when I scan my PC from the office site I get this error message:

Windows Installer patch files (.MSP files) from previously applied Office updates are missing from the \Windows\Installer hidden directory on your computer. MSP files are stored on your computer after update installation completes because they need to be referenced for future update operations. If the files are missing you will not be able to apply Office updates. You may also be unable to uninstall Office products as a result of the same problem. Please contact Microsoft Product Support for assistance.

I have done a Google search about MSP files, but trying to install them is way over my head.

I was asked to run the Command prompt and install..... I know where the command Prompt is.

Has anyone got any idea how to fix this problem?


  johnnyrocker 23:47 14 Jan 2004

click here and download it (free) and run it and you should sort your problem.


  Valvegrid 07:05 15 Jan 2004

Is this the problem you're getting?

click here

If it is, maybe someone can talk you through it, I'm not 100% sure myself how to do it.


  Pccillin 09:54 15 Jan 2004

Johnnyrocker, it didn't sort the problem out.

this is where I have got to, i've downloaded the file and opened it, but don't have clue what to do with it?

click here

does anyone?

  Big Elf 11:32 15 Jan 2004

Have a look at THE "FIX" posted click here It means a bit of registry editing though.

  Gingermum 12:04 15 Jan 2004

Do I understand that you are trying to update your office PC. Your IT department may have deliberately prevented you from running updates yourself.

  Pccillin 12:30 15 Jan 2004

No it's my Home PC.

I have got the Office service packs in, I had them saved on disc and after I did a re-install I put them.

I went the registry and cannot find any 'Patches'.

  Big Elf 12:54 15 Jan 2004

I searched for 'patch' in mine and it came up with a few including 'Msi.Patch'. If that's the one and I'm not sure it is then backup the registry first.

  Pccillin 14:08 15 Jan 2004

Right i decided to uninstall office xp and reinstall it.

But I cannot uninstall it. i get an error message:
This package could not be opened. Verify that the package exsists or that you can access it or contact the application vendor to verify that this is is a valid Windows Installer patch package.

What the hell is going on?

How do I get Office out?

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