Office toolbar

  fredyflame 23:09 02 Dec 2003

Can someone tell me how to get my office toolbar just to show the buttons and no window on the desktop
I used to have just a neat row of buttons.
I used to get this by simply moving the office toolbar window to a corner but I have just got a new computer and it will not work.
It either puts a bar the whole width or length of the desktop or remains in a window with a minimised icon on the task bar.

please help

  smegs 23:19 02 Dec 2003

Do U mean, In word, goto the top of the page, say next to help, right cick the mouse button. U will then get a choice of tool bar U want.

  smegs 23:35 02 Dec 2003

click here Try this, it may help.

  VoG II 23:36 02 Dec 2003

I think that's what it does in modern versions of Office.

In the olden days (like Word 6) you would have a "floating toolbar" that did not move. We've moved on since then and an Office toolbar takes up a whole side of your desktop. I have mine turned off, for obvious reasons.

  smegs 23:37 02 Dec 2003

Which Office R U using??

  VoG II 23:47 02 Dec 2003

via e-mail

I had it working in xp pro on previous computer


Was it the same version of Office.

Please don't email me; just respond to this thread. Thank you.

  fredyflame 23:53 02 Dec 2003

yes 2000

sorry for mail
will get the hang eventually

  smegs 01:07 03 Dec 2003

fredyflame. Check Ur email.

  Jester2K II 08:06 03 Dec 2003

Why can't the answer be posted here for all to see?

  smegs 10:51 03 Dec 2003

Jester2K II. I just sent an email saying, put the Office cd in, go as if to do a install, when the Office setup window comes up, goto ADD/REMOVE FEATURES. Go down to Office tool bar, click on the + sign, go down to Office shortcut box, make sure there isn't a red X in the box. Click the box and click on Run from my computer. Sorry to have upset you. Shaun.

  Jester2K II 10:52 03 Dec 2003

You've not - just didn't see why it couldn't be posted here! After all someone might be helped by this thread so why not share?!


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