Office Tabs Free Ed - How to stop PopUp Window to Buy, pls?

  AroundAgain 22:29 22 Sep 2013

I've downloaded Office Tabs Free Edition to try and so far, I quite like this concept of having tabs although I'll need to use it longer before knowing whether it's really useful or not.

However, every time I open Word, Excel or PowerPoint I get a pop up window encouraging the user to buy the program. It's easy enough to click 'Cancel' and then get on with what I want to do but it's a bit annoying.

Is there any way, short of buying it, to prevent this pop up appearing each time an MS Office program is opened, please? If not, I'm tempted to uninstal it which then means I don't give it a proper trial.

I appreciate programmers want their programs to sell but, when advertised as free for non-commercial use, I don't expect such a nuisance keep popping up ;)

Thanks to anyone who can suggest how to stop this but keep the program (without buying it)


  chub_tor 12:35 23 Sep 2013

Can't find a solution anywhere on Google, looks like you are stuck with the pop up unless you buy it.

  AroundAgain 13:24 23 Sep 2013

Thanks, Chub-tor. I had hoped there was a way to fix it.

When advertised as 'Free for non-commercial use', I don't expect there to be such a push, or irritation, to buy it. I do appreciate programmers put a lot of work and skills into writing program but I don't like a sale being pushed.

Oh well, not to worry. I'll uninstall it. I did try finding something on Google but couldn't come up with anything but always good for a 'second opinion'. You probably used different keywords ;)

Thanks for checking it out, though. Very much appreciated.


  chub_tor 17:13 23 Sep 2013

This is the link I found and it was the comment by Karl at the bottom that made me think that there is no easy solution.

  AroundAgain 17:51 23 Sep 2013

Yes, thanks chubb-tor. That was a very interesting read!

I found the website for the people that are responsible for this program and so have sent an email asking the question. I doubt I will get an answer, let alone a satisfactory solution.

I'll maybe stick with it for a little while as yet, just to see if I find tabs useful or not.

If I should hear from these folks, I'll post on here. Seems the program developers are in China! Any response could be very interesting ...

Thanks very much for pursuing your research :)

Cheers J

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