Office Outlook 2003 Resets Mail Server & Username

  TedoDude 20:41 11 May 2005

After setting up all the fields required to download mail from my mail server, I can successfully connect and download my mail.

However, when I shutdown the computer (not standby / hibernate), Outlook (2003) decides to change my incoming mail server to localhost, and my username to my real username, a slash & then my outgoing mail server.

It didn't do this when I first installed it, but has started to do so now. After a long time of it this is really frustrating. My Office & Windows Updates are up to date.

Couldn't find anything on KB or the office website. Any ideas?

  Diodorus Siculus 20:48 11 May 2005

Do you have an anti virus program set to check your mail?

  TedoDude 20:49 11 May 2005

Yes, AVG Antivirus.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:55 11 May 2005

That is likely the problem then. Disable the email checking and see if it continues to happen when you shutdown / restart.

  TedoDude 21:04 11 May 2005

Is disabled, will let know here if works / not. Thanks.

  TedoDude 19:06 12 May 2005

No joy I am afraid. Disabled Automatic E-Mail Scanner and when booted up earlier today the settings were reset again... any other suggestions?

  TedoDude 22:15 12 May 2005

After looking this doesn't seem to affect my Outlook Express settings... even though I don't use it.

Nothing else scans e-mails.

  TedoDude 21:09 13 May 2005

(why does this question keep disappearing from the home pages, and i have to keep searching for? Surely there has not been so many threads that it disappears)

  Diodorus Siculus 21:40 13 May 2005

To answer your last question, it keeps disappearing because there are a lot of questions being posted. Now, at 21.34, this page only has the last 3 hours worth of postings.

To find yours, simply click on the link "view your postings" at the top.

  TedoDude 21:49 13 May 2005

k thanx. Any suggestions with the e-mail stuff?

  Diodorus Siculus 21:51 13 May 2005

Sorry, can't work it out.

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