Office network Installation

  Teen PC geek 12:33 18 Feb 2004

Hi, i know that you can install office over the network but how is it done?

PS: PC Advisor should do an artical on this as it is quite handy! Even for homenetworks it helps!

  Teen PC geek 12:52 18 Feb 2004

...Microsoft Office that is

  Taran 13:26 18 Feb 2004

First things first, a home license for Microsoft Office allows you to install it on one desktop and one laptop computer that you own. Not two laptops, not two desktops. It is strictly one of each and you are not allowed to have both machines operating simultaneously, the idea being that as an Office user it is reasonable to assume that you may need to work on your files with your software when away from home on business or similar.

Versions of Office prior to Office 2002 [sometimes called XP] relied on your honesty and integrity to prevent general abuse of this licensing arrangement. After and including Office 2002 you are required to activate your copy of Office with Microsoft.

Now, for network installs you create a shared directory on the server and copy the entire contents of the Office CD into that folder on the network share.

Let's say your server is called Server and the shared folder on it is called Share [original I know]. If you make a directory on it called Office1 and copy the files from your Office CDROM into it, machines on the network can run the Office setup program by using the following path to the relevant files:

The final part of the command depends on which version of Office you have, but it will be a variation on the theme of setup.exe

Depending on the network and security measures implemented on it you may have to be logged in as Administrator and you may also need the network access rights to allow you to reach the setup files to begin with - username and password to server and so on.

Finally, running an article in the magazine on this is all well and good but in a business environment there is normally someone to hand with more than sufficient knowledge and expertise to do this and for a home environment you do not have the relevant license from a standard copy of Office to install on multiple machines other than the one desktop and one laptop arrangement I mentioned above. This more or less makes an article redundant for anyone other than newcomers to small business networking who have a multiple license copy of Office that they are allowed to install on several machines.



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