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  Taff36 21:55 14 Mar 2005

I have been given an old Win98 machine that belonged to a local GP. Basically I have cleaned every reference, file, MRU etc but before I pass it on to a worthwhile home I need to change the owners name that appears whenever I open Word. Excel or Publisher. (The name appears on the splashscreen and of course if you go to Help>about)

I have scoured the registry but can`t find the string even after searching. Any clues?

  Graham ® 12:50 21 Mar 2005

From previous experience, a format may be your only option. As you have the '98 discs, you would only lose the office programs.

It would still be of value to a worthwhile home without them, but as I said, they are cheaply obtainable on Ebay.

  Taff36 13:51 21 Mar 2005

Graham - Thanks I think you`re right but I will hang on for a bit in case I can lay my hands on someone elses legit discs and simply change the names. (After all they are licensed, I just don`t know the CD Key)

  Graham ® 15:19 21 Mar 2005

Belarc or Everest will give the CD key.

  Taff36 15:28 21 Mar 2005

I`ve run Belarc but for Word & Excel it gives the Licence number not the CD Key. The licence number includes "OEM" which I can`t enter when requested to do so. But I see where you`re going I think. (If acceptable could I use the envelope to mail you?)

  Graham ® 19:50 21 Mar 2005

I thought it was the '98 CD key you needed.

Feel free to mail me, but I can't think of any other way to help you.

  Kalb 20:57 21 Mar 2005

Try this link although I found it easier to re-install the software in the end
click here

  Taff36 10:37 22 Mar 2005

Thanks for That one. I`ll have a look tonight but I suspect that the registered owner (which I have already changed) only relates to the Windows 98 for which I have disk and licence anyway.

Thanks anyway Graham as you have probably noticed from my first thread It`s the preinstalled Word & Excel that I have the problem with but no disks were provided for these.

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