Office 97 won't install on Win XP

  orlandogreenback 17:02 11 Aug 2003

I've heard that Office 97 should work with XP, but my new laptop won't accept it, saying it can't find relevant files. Any ideas? Install XP Service pack maybe? Help appreciated!

  Djohn 17:11 11 Aug 2003

Yes, it will work fine with XP, which files are being asked for?

  orlandogreenback 17:41 11 Aug 2003

listed on the office 97 professional box." It wants me to click to locate but I've no idea what it's asking for. It says something about it being an update but there's no indication of this on the box!

  Fateful Shadow 17:44 11 Aug 2003

I have has a similar, if not identical, problem with installing it, but in the end it was OK.

If there is an "Ignore" or "Skip" button, then press it. Several may come up, but if they do, just keep clicking on them. Eventually Office will be installed, and everythings works fine...well, it does for me! :)

  Djohn 17:47 11 Aug 2003

Is your Office97 an up-grade version or full? From what you say, it sounds like it may be an up-grade, therefore XP will not be able to find the install files from the "Qualifying" CD.

  orlandogreenback 17:53 11 Aug 2003

is what I got with my home PC. Nowhere on the disc does it say it's an upgrade; it came in a box with a full manual so it doesn't even seem to be an OEM version. I've installed it on two PCs in my house with no problems. Both ran Win 98.

  Djohn 18:17 11 Aug 2003

Can you give a little more info? When you start the install of Office, then it stops, You say it ask you to "Locate" What is it asking you to locate?

  orlandogreenback 18:38 11 Aug 2003

It says "This product is an upgrade to windows 97 professional. To use it you must own one of the qualifying products listed on the office 97 professional box."
Then it tries to examine the system and can't find what it's looking for, so it asks me to locate it. Could one of these qualifying products be W98? If so it would seem I'm wasting my time. But nowhere on the box does it say it's an upgrade! Never mind, shall have to go out and buy anew...

  mikef. 18:42 11 Aug 2003

If you have to go out and buy anew may I suggest you try StarOffice 6 it does everything Office does for a lot less money.

  Djohn 18:45 11 Aug 2003

It is referring to the Office97 CD, not the XP O/S.

  toothwright 19:32 11 Aug 2003

Had a similar problem trying to install Office 97 on XP. If I remember correctly, I rebooted and tried again then it installed perfectly.

It certainly should work - assuming you are using the full version of Office.

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