Office 97 - Problem with Word Documents

  kwil2 00:16 11 Nov 2008

Hi...I'm still using Office 97 (running XP Home SP2)
Here's the problem: when I rename a folder containg Word documents and then try to open those documents, a window now pops up intermittently saying:
'Word could not read that document…Path invalid or not Word Document’ IS a Word document (duh!) and the path is correct.
At other times, simply opening any Word document without renaming etc brings the same.
Merely clicking on the 'OK' tab then opens the document as normal.
This is really starting to irritate and I'm sure there must be some little Word quirk I'm missing.
Reinstalling Office 97 didn't work, by the way.
Can anyone suggest a solution to this problem?
Many thanks

  Peter 01:02 11 Nov 2008


How are you trying to open the Word documents? Are you using the Recently Accessed list? If so you won't be able to if you have renamed the folder containing the document you are trying to open.

Try using file, open and navigating your way to the file you want.


  Diodorus Siculus 01:09 11 Nov 2008


Run and type:

winword.exe /regserver

That should re-register Word as the default program to open the files.

  kwil2 01:42 11 Nov 2008

Thanks for taking time to reply.
Diodorus: tried your suggestion...It seems to work, but when I open the Word document...there's a delay of 5 seconds or more before it appears! I thought all my documents had disappeared!
Previously, it was 'instant'.
So, don't know if this is the 'best' solution..Looks like you've now stuck me with it unless I can 'reverse' it, but thanks anyway!
Peter: I normally open Windows Explorer, click on folder in left pane, then on document in right pane.
Up till now,that's worked perfectly...
Diodorus' advice seems good, but I'm not sure if the effect's just as irritating.
Like I say, I'm used to 'instant' display...I seemed to have traded one niggle for another...grrrr!
Any other comments would be welcome.

  Taff™ 06:59 11 Nov 2008

Sounds to me like a problem with the template. Providing you don`t have too many personalisations I suggest you locate it on the drive and rename it normal.old - then restart Word and a new one will be created automatically.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:45 12 Nov 2008

Hi Taff™

Been so long away from this game, I forgot the obvious :)

Hope you doing well - I'm the other side of the world nowadays so don't often get to look in but good to see the old faces still posting!

kwil2: Taff™'s suggestion should do the trick. You may have to enable "view hidden files" in the options of windows explorer to find the file.

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