Office 2K - Will not print - Help please

  wyatt earp 20:48 05 Jun 2004

Hi all, I was asked to help at a work colleages home pc which was having print problems. The spec is : Win ME, Office 2k sr1/sp3, 1 ghz Athlon, 512mb ram AVG 6 free edition anti-virus.
The pc will print ok on the HP 950c using Outlook express, notepad and printer test page but just hangs when printing from word or powerpoint.
I have tried a system restore, used the repair utility on the Office setup disc to no avail.
I find the only way to clear the print queue is to restart the pc.

Do any of you guys have any ideas to help?

My next move was to ring him and suggest he removes then re-installs office.

Any help most welcome.
p.s. The pc is not here with me but i can go back on Monday with fresh ideas or, if it's simple, give him a ring and try it on the phone.

  TomJerry 20:51 05 Jun 2004

just a try

  wyatt earp 20:52 05 Jun 2004

Sorry should have said - I did that first!

  woodchip 20:52 05 Jun 2004

In the Printers folder right click the printer and change the spooling to "print direct to printer" and try the printer again. or get new drivers for printer

  Valvegrid 20:55 05 Jun 2004

Hasn't done something silly, like got Print to file ticked?

  wyatt earp 20:58 05 Jun 2004

I should point out it has been working fine for approx 2 months before giving probs.

Valvegrid - Is there a print to file within Word/powerpoint that could overide the driver?

Don't forget it prints out emails and notepad ok.

  Valvegrid 21:00 05 Jun 2004

Yes, do it all the time at work.

  Valvegrid 21:02 05 Jun 2004

Sorry, should have amplified my comment a bit. When you go to File>Print a window opens that you click on to commence printing, there is a tick box to allow it to print to file.

  wyatt earp 21:03 05 Jun 2004

Yes you are spot on! I have just looked at my version to see where it was and i am fairly sure i checked all the boxes on his pc so i feel if it was ticked i would have noticed it (famous last words)

  Valvegrid 21:08 05 Jun 2004

They should of course get another window opens asking where they want the *.prn file saved to.

  wyatt earp 21:13 05 Jun 2004

Thanks for advice so far - But wife will down me if i don't get off this pc now!!!!

I will pick up new comments in the morning.


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