Office 2013 changing lower case into caps

  jonski 21:41 17 Jun 2014

Hi, might be a stupid question...At work I copy and paste a lot of quotations from suppliers to customers..I'm wondering there is any way I can convert lower case text copied from Pdf's etc into Capitals.

I often have to combine offers from many suppliers into one file, some are already in Caps, other come in lower case, so it would be helpful if this option is there somewhere.

  lotvic 23:31 17 Jun 2014

I think it's on Home tab and click on Aa dropdown menu changing-letter-case-in-microsoft-office-word-2013 ClickHere

  Peter 01:17 18 Jun 2014


If you highlight the text you have copied and keep pressing Shift-F3 you will rotate the highlighted text through Upper Case, Lower Case and Title Case without having to use any menus.


  jonski 09:11 18 Jun 2014

Guys, your both life savers...That's just saved me so much work. I've never though of looking in there.

Thanks again John

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