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Office 2010: Upgrade from 2003

  Gummomarx 23:58 13 Mar 2014

If I save my Outlook 2003 PST file and apply it to 2010, will it contain all my folders, messages (including deleted & sent items) and contacts?


  chub_tor 08:42 14 Mar 2014

Click Here for a solution from the Microsoft Community but note that in Russ Valentines answer he makes suggestions at the end on how to use these links. If you read the full discussion you will see how important these suggestions are.

  Pine Man 10:25 14 Mar 2014

Your .pst file will contain everything that was available in Outlook 2003 when you last use it. After installing 2010 exactly the same information will still be available to you.

When you install 2010 it should find the .pst file automatically in the default position it had with 2003.

  Gummomarx 22:52 14 Mar 2014

But, if I uninstall 2003, will there be a location for 2010 to find by default or do I delete 2010's new PST and substitute it with my 2003 back-up?

  wee eddie 02:14 15 Mar 2014

You install your new copy of Office and 'Import' the .pst file

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