Office 2010 - several versions

  Clapton is God 15:28 04 Apr 2011

Elder daughter has managed to get 3 different versions of Office 2010 on her HP Windows 7 laptop - namely Student & Teacher edition, Office Starter 2010 edition and Word Starter 2010 edition.

Daughter is a Primary school teacher and the laptop is borrowed from her school. She tells me that the school's head of IT (who is, apparently, an incompetent idiot) loaded the Student & Teacher edition.

If I simply un-install the Office Starter and Word Starter will the Student & Teacher edition still run OK?

  mimosa418 18:52 04 Apr 2011

There are so many common files to these three systems that it is unlkely that one would survive the removal of the others.
It would be best to remove all three and then install the one you want.

  Clapton is God 09:32 05 Apr 2011

Thanks for your replies.

You're correct - the laptop came with both Starter editions pre-loaded as OEMs.

Ideally, I would have thought the Head of IT should have un-installed them before installing the Student & Teacher edition!

As it is, I think it's probably best to leave well alone as all three seem to sit happily alongside each other and Word, Excel, etc work as they should.

I'll tick as resolved.

  compumac 12:49 05 Apr 2011

They might have been preloaded but have they been actually activated??

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