Office 2010 over Office 2000

  SURVEY 17:58 27 Dec 2011

I have managed to buy an unopened boxed Office Professional 2010 at a reasonable price. I have Office Professional 2000 presently installed on my computer together with a 2010 Office Starter linited edition.

Should I uninstall (Add/Remove?) the old versions before installing the new? I assume data fields are not removed? Is there any advantage in retaining the 2000 version to co-exist with 2010?

  sunnystaines 19:37 27 Dec 2011

i would delete both office programs and go for a fresh install of your new office

  sunnystaines 21:00 27 Dec 2011

i found starter ver of office 2010 open all my xp office docs

  Forum Editor 23:17 27 Dec 2011

Office 2010 uses a different file format to previous versions, but there's no need to worry - the new version will open all your old files, and you'll have the option to save them in either of the two formats (or both) when you edit them.

Office 2010 will seem a little strange at first, but when you become more familiar with it you'll realise that it's much better than Office 2000.

I would uninstall previous versions before installing the new one.

  SURVEY 00:18 28 Dec 2011

Thanks all for your comments. I really do not care for the later versions of Office but I think the time has come to update. Why why do MS feel the need to change something that worked well. Style over substance comes to mind.

  SparkyJack 11:07 28 Dec 2011

Constant change and improvement in both software and hardware is the only way these firms can stay in business,

I in theory at least - 10year old machine/software set will perform the essential tasks albeit a little slower- but the job will get done.

Yesterday took delivery of a discarded 10 year old IBM Think Pad with Win2000- all in perfect working order- the battery is dead - not surprising - but alll else works-

It will do for a youngster starting college say and unable to acquire a current machine.

  SURVEY 13:11 30 Dec 2011

Ok, to summarise. I uninstalled the 2010 Starter Version (that my new laptop came pre-loaded with) and also my MS Office 2000 - all through Add/Remove programs. Then installed the Office Professional disc. All went well except that I went for the custom installation as I didn't want to install Access and One Note; however they both did load - and this is not the first time I have had this happen with MS custon option. However, all working well. My old 2000 files have all been recognised. The only downside is that as I have a couple of other computers running Office 2000 I have to keep trying to remember to use the'Save As' option to save in the 2000 format. Is there not an option somewhere to instruct a particular file to always be saved in a particular format??

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