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  awest3 08:18 13 Nov 2010

After using office 2003 for many years I decided to update to Office 2010. I seem to have acquired a strange problem in outlook. Many of my emails have started coming in days after they were sent. At first I thought it was just a one off but over the last week quite a few have come in 3-4 days after they were sent....Any idea's ? I can't see any settings which might affect this..

Help as ever much appreciated.


  northumbria61 10:26 13 Nov 2010

I don't use Outlook but I believe there are options that control what Outlook does when it receives new email, including sounds, desktop alerts, mouse pointer changes and system tray indicators, all of which can typically be disabled/enabled via Tools - Options - Preferences - E-mail options - Advanced e-mail options.

  northumbria61 10:45 13 Nov 2010

I suggest you run a virus scan - there might be a virus on that computer, like clickstor, if you have a virus like clickstor your email comes in at a crawl. I seem to remember something from way back about this - it is just a possibility - and there are ways to remove it.

If required see this click here

  BRYNIT 11:07 13 Nov 2010

Are these emails from other people?

Even though someone has sent an email it does not mean you will recieve it the same day. If the emails are not available Outlook 2010 will not be able to download them.

Have you logged onto your email account via the web to check if the emails have arrived.

  awest3 12:06 13 Nov 2010

Thanks for these.

I've looked at the options but can't find one which may affect this..

I run virus scans on a weekly basis..yesterday being the latest..EMISoft..nothing found

I only mention this because under 2003 outlook it did not seem to have this problem (if indeed it is a problem)

I suddenly get an email from 3-4 days ago in my inbox... Whichh as I say I dont remember getting in 2003..

Thanks again

  awest3 12:16 13 Nov 2010

I logged into my account via the web and interestingly found that some of the emails I've already received in outlook are not showing...

  Woolwell 12:40 13 Nov 2010

Unless with a POP account you have specified that e-mails should remain on the server or you have an IMAP account then e-mails that you've received via Outlook will not be on webmail.
If there are others there after you have run Outlook then you have to question why they are not being downloaded. Are they correctly addresses or spam?

  Woolwell 12:41 13 Nov 2010

Slight amendment to above if you are with Virgin then it is possible that some may remain on the server in spite of what Outlook is set as.

  BRYNIT 13:05 13 Nov 2010

Since the change with Virgin email accounts, unless you log into your Virgin account and change the setting it will keep a copy of all emails, this will only cause a problem if you forget to delete old email.

  awest3 16:02 13 Nov 2010

Hi, I'm with Sky and have a POP account...a copy of the emails is held on the server which I delete about once a month. Strangely enough all of the notifications regarding this post come through almost Instantaneously...perhaps its just something that happens now and again and I'm being over sensitive.. a trait my wife would not recognise..!


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