Office 2010 or office 2003

  ponytail 08:42 10 Oct 2013

When my laptop was cleaned up two weeks ago and returned to factory settings the person who did the work installed office 2010 not sure which version.I did not realise it was on there soOFFICE I reinstalled my version of office 2003.I saw him yesterday and mentioned I had reinstalled 2003 and he said he had installed 2010 so now I have both versions on the laptop.Two questions which is the best and second I have some spreadsheets which were done using 2003 how would using 2010 affect these spreadsheets

  chub_tor 10:55 10 Oct 2013

If you Google for the comparison you will read several differing opinions. Lots of people did not like the new Ribbon style when they changed from 2003, it is a personal choice thing. Most say that recalculation in Excel 2010 is faster than in Excel 2003 and they like Powerpoint integration better. Spreadsheets made in 2003 can be read in 2010 but not necessarily vice versa.

Personally I am pleased with the changes, but if you have the space available on your laptop there is no reason why you cannot have both on it. Get used to the differences and then make up your mind later which you prefer.

I presume that the version of Office 2010 that was installed was a legal one and that it has been activated correctly. It would not be good to choose 2010, delete 2003 and then find 2010 will not update etc.

  Bris 11:02 10 Oct 2013

It depends how you define "best". Newer versions contain features and improvements that are not present in earlier versions. Generally speaking if you have created a spread sheet in an earlier version and run it in a later version it should work OK but not vice versa, the only way to find out is to launch them in the later version and if they work OK then stick with the later version as you may require the added features at a later date.

  lotvic 12:17 10 Oct 2013

As chub_tor has pointed out:

You need to check if the version of Office 2010 that was installed was a legal one and that it has been activated correctly

What if you wanted to reinstall it at a later date or install it on a new laptop or pc if your present one gets broken?

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