Office 2010 Beta Product key

  Ancient Sailor 14:43 21 Jan 2010

Sorry but I am not very computer literate and am trying to install the beta version of Office 2010 from the DVD. Where do I find the product Key?

Thanks for any help

  james105051 16:59 21 Jan 2010

Go to click here and download the beta version, an instalation key will be provided during the download procedure.

  howard64 17:00 21 Jan 2010

according to the magazine when you start the installation from the disk you should be assigned a key for it. They say to copy it down and keep it safe. I have not installed this so do not know other than what is written in the mag.

  Ancient Sailor 10:52 22 Jan 2010

Thanks to both james 105051 and to howard64 but after several attempts I have not been offered a Product Key and am now totally lost, but thanks for the help.

Best regards

  lotvic 11:18 22 Jan 2010

If you look on the DVD and click on the 'Start Here pdf' then go to Microsoft Office Pro 2010 beta
the installation instructions give you a link 'URL to the product activation key', click on the link and it will take you to the page to login and then to register for the beta, when you have done that a page comes up with the activation key for you to use ( you can also download the beta office2010 from the same page if you don't want to use the copy on the DVD)
Have just done the above and have my key although I haven't tried to install Office 2010 (and may not bother to anyway)

  lotvic 11:28 22 Jan 2010

PS: if you decide to download the beta, be careful because when I just checked 'my account' the download they have offered me is in 'French' and I didn't choose that, the language was English in the bar at the top of page.

  lotvic 11:42 22 Jan 2010

I found that by doing it via click here I could then select English as the Product Language - and now I have two keys - one for English and one for French.
Both show up in 'my account' with office online.

  realist 11:48 22 Jan 2010

There are some generic keys that supposedly work?
click here

  skeletal 18:49 22 Jan 2010

I am trialling Office 2010, but I got the files from M$. I actually had a lot of trouble getting them. I was asked to fill out forms and was supposed to get an automated email with some sort of code. In spite of a couple of tries, the emails never came.

I ended up pressing all sort of buttons, links... heavens knows what...I just can’t remember now.

Eventually, the files appeared, and at some point a product key (different from the ones in realist’s link).

I then installed, but here is the odd bit, I did not enter the product key!

I am now using it.

Don’t ask me what I did!

I like the smiley faces that have appeared; this make is easy to send messages with all the bugs explained. Whether M$ will listen is another thing of course.


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