Office 2007 problems

  Dazzledoc 13:17 18 Jun 2010

I tried to fix some minor problems and ended up with more major ones - apologies for being a dummy!
I uninstalled Office 2007 with Revo uninstaller selecting to delete all values. I then reinstalled it and seemed to work OK but problem of very slow copying in Excel which had been fixed was still there. I decided to restore registry using Erunt. After that none of Office programs work. Outlook loads but will not function - message 'not implemented' appears if I try to send, reply or anything. I tried to reinstall Office 2007 but it fails. I tried to install a disc version of Office 2003 but it give me a windows installer error message 'This patch could not be installed ....'. Help please

  northumbria61 14:43 18 Jun 2010

You have messed things up - try a "system restore" to a time when ALL was running well.

  rawprawn 15:15 18 Jun 2010

If that doesn't work try Windows Installer cleanup Utility
click here

  Dazzledoc 17:35 18 Jun 2010

I have tried a system restore but, and this has been a problem for some time, it does not work. For any restore point it goes through the motions, restarts and then informs me that system restore has not restored to point 'x' because no changes have been made.

As to the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility there are lots of references to Microsoft Office. Do I delete all of them? At the moment I cannot open any Office files or use Outlook (it opens and |I can see my emails but not send, receive, forward etc). I did a repair install of XP from my original disk and the problems still remain with with trying to install Office 2007 ('Microsoft Office 2007 encountered an error during setup' with the only option to close)and Office 2003 (windows installer window - 'This patch could not be installed. Verify that the patch exists ....)
I also have a problem with Internet Explorer not loading (I am using Opera now). When I click to load it nothing happens but I then cannot load any programme and have to use the power button to close. This was not resolved by reloading IE or the Windows XP reinstall.
Hope there are some clever tech guys out there who can get me working again.
Thank you, Phil

  rawprawn 17:50 18 Jun 2010

delete all references to Microsoft Office, and thhen after a reboot try and reinstall. we can then look at the IE problems

  Dazzledoc 18:54 18 Jun 2010

Thankyou. Some progress. I did as you said and tried to reinstall Office 2007. It got further than last time then stopped with 'Microsoft Office 2007 encountered an error during setup' again. However, when I tried to install Office 2003 it seemed to work and I can now view my word docs and excel sheets. Outlook will not start though giving the error message 'Cannot start Office Outlook. MAP132.DLL is corrupt or the wrong version. This could have been caused by installing other messaging software. Please reinstall Outlook. I did a repair from the installation disc but no joy.
I note that the Office 2007 files are still there in the program files in the 'office12' folder.
Also, When I tried to search for the MAP132.DLL file the Search window came up blank - no title and nothing showing where there used to be options.
Sorry to be a pain but I do appreciate your patience in helping with this problem.

  rawprawn 20:33 18 Jun 2010

I'm getting a bit stuck, if it were me I would run Windows cleanup utility again (without uninstalling anything) and then try a again.

  rawprawn 20:35 18 Jun 2010

Meant without uninstalling anything before running the cleanup utility.

  Dazzledoc 10:32 19 Jun 2010

Had a rollercoaster of a day yesterday. Followed Microsoft advice on dealing with the MAPI.DLL problem (note not MAP132.DLL as I had thought) and Office 2003 worked. Decided to do a repair install of Windows XP. This completed OK and I then loaded Office 2007 and it works! Windows had installed IE 6 which seemed to work OK so when it then downloaded 59 updates I installed all including IE8. I am back to the same problem with that but have decided to take a breather for a few days before I readdress that.
Thank you, rawprawn, for your advice and help.

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