Office 2007: MS Enterprise - how to disable?

  kwil2 00:28 03 May 2009

I’m running XP Home SP2 and have just replaced Office 97 with Office 2007.
Everything works perfectly but , at the beginning of a computing session, if I click on any of the Office software, say Word, a window pops up entitled ‘Configuring MS Enterprise 2007’.
A progress bar appears showing ‘Setting up MS Enterprise’.
It finishes fairly rapidly and then Word etc opens as I intended.
Though it doesn’t appear any time during the session if I move onto for example Excel, it’s a real nuisance and I’m sure shouldn’t be happening every time like this.
So, what on earth is MS Enterprise and how can I disable it?

  crosstrainer 06:49 03 May 2009

Uninstall and then re-imstall...

A good free uninstall program here:

click here

  wiz-king 07:55 03 May 2009

Enterprise is the version of Office you are running.
No relation to the starship.

  kwil2 02:19 08 May 2009

Hi..thanks to all for taking time to reply.
I already run Revo Uninstaller and have done for some time. I recommend it.
However, uninstalling then re-installing MS Office Enterprise 2007, simply didn't work.
I tried it three times! What a waste of time!
Still the same 'Configuring MS Enterprise' window and progress bar.
As I said, the configuring doesn't take long but it really should not be necessary.
Check online and you'll see it's a problem many have experienced.
Nobody seems to have discovered a solution. My copy, by the way, is 100% legit.
Microsoft's so-called 'help' is as per usual next to useless.
Don't know about you, but this is the last straw for me and MS 'add-on' software.
I'll never purchase/trial any more stuff from them again.
As a company they should be streets-ahead of all others but,in my opinion, they're just greedy, complacent and incompetent.
Rarely do their products satisfy straight out of the box or download.
Look at the commercial mess of Vista...Could have been predicted!
Anyhow, rant over!
If any whizzkid out there knows how to get round this annoying problem with MS Office Enterprise, please post the remedy!

  Pine Man 08:42 08 May 2009

Everything you need to know is contained within this document from microsoft click here

  kwil2 18:41 08 May 2009

Hi Pine Man...thanks for taking time to reply.
However, though the linked document does refer to the problem, it assumes you have different copies of Word etc on your machine ie from other previous Office software.
I do not have 'multiple' copies of Word etc. The install was 'clean'.
I did download Office 2007 Service Pack 1, but this did not cure the problem either...grrrr!
Any other suggestions would be welcome...
Thanks again, though.

  Pine Man 19:02 08 May 2009

I appreciate what you are saying but I had the same problem as you and followed these instructions. The important thing is that it gets rid of your first installation completely and leaves the way clear for a new one - it works!

  Pine Man 11:59 09 May 2009

I have just re-read your initial post and this is why your PC thinks you have two installations.

  kwil2 22:15 10 May 2009

Hi Pine Man..thanks again for your input.
As I said, I use Revo Uninstaller. It does a very good job normally and I did rely on it to clear Office 97.
I checked my registry and can't find any references to Office 97 or its components.
Therefore, I assume my computer 'knows' this.
You say you had the same problem.
Was this after clearing your version of Office 97 first?
There appears to be no mention of Office 97 in your link to MS.
Could you tell me simply and exactly what you did, which instructions you followed?
It would be much appreciated.

  Pine Man 08:49 11 May 2009

I had similar problems on two computers. Both were to do with Office 'thinking' there were two versions installed even though one had been uninstalled.

The only way I could cure the problem with one of them was to uninstall Office and then manually go through the complete registry and uninstall everything that looked as though it belonged to Office - both versions and then reinstall Office 2007. That worked.

The other one was cured by stopping Office from auto-registering and those instructions are contained within the link I posted under the heading 'Multiple Versions of Word'. Even though there is a warning I found that Office worked ok afterwards.

Most of the time the problem you have is caused by a trial version of Office leaving stuff behind and interfering with a full version.

Good luck!

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