Office 2007 Beta

  wbiggchiefy 19:25 26 Mar 2006

Has anyone else tried the new MS Office Beta version.
I think from my own experiences , toying with it that it is far superior to 2003 Pro. (At least for Word,Excel & Access)
Would have liked to see what the revised Outlook looks like and what it is capable of but for some reason (probably cos I have 2003 Pro configured to my email accounts) - it won't open Outlook - gives a message to try starting Outlook in safe mode and whatever I do just keeps looping back to the same question - don't really care at this point in time but if I were to actually purchase the program once officially launched and the same thing happened I would not be too happy.


  Genius1 19:38 26 Mar 2006

Is the Office 2007 Beta available for download by the general public then? If so, could you post the link here? Thanks.

  wbiggchiefy 19:52 26 Mar 2006

Its not - but even if I were "the general public" it can be gotten one way or another. I know it is absolutely disgarceful but copies were available at a computer fair for £5!!!


  Genius1 19:56 26 Mar 2006

Thanks, but I don't think I'll be going down that road!!!

  steve63 00:07 28 May 2006

You can download the Office 2007 from the following link:

click here

It is available to the general public. All I had to do was register. If you already have a Hotmail, MSN e-mail account or Microsoft Passport you are ok, you can just download the Beta.

Be advised the Professional version is just over 400mb to download.

Looks quite cool, but may take time to get used to the new menus, sorry ribbons, in Microsoft speak!!!

Outlook worked for me ok. Cant really see much difference from 2003 version, apart from the 'ribbons'. Be careful when installing outlook 2007. I installed the whole suite to run along side my current version of office, but for some reason Outlook 2007 overides the 2003 version.

  Forum Editor 00:11 28 May 2006

to become accustomed to the new interface in Office 2007, but I've been running the betas for quite a long time now, and I must say I really like the new look.

The software's almost ready to go now, which is why Microsoft have released a public beta. I can thoroughly recommend it but be warned - the beta will stop working in February 2007, by which time you'll like it so much you'll want the full version. All part of the cunning plan.

  Jimmy14 00:17 28 May 2006

and think its a big improvement to Office 2003. The look is so Vista Feel and I can't wait till Vista arrives then get Office Combined.

  Genius1 20:54 29 May 2006

I have also now installed the Beta of Office 2007 Professional Plus, Business Contact Manager and SharePoint Designer (the replacement for FrontPage). After initial problems with activation (the server was very busy with activation requests) I am now finally ready to use the Beta fully.

  jarani 21:28 29 May 2006

A word of warning - when you download office 2007 beta version it will over ride all other ms similar software ie works which you will find impossible to open - see my contribution earlier today - it does not run in parallel it takes over - jarani

  gmh 18:13 11 Jun 2006

jarani - I downloaded the office 2007 beta, and took the option offered to retain my original 2002 office programs when installing the 2007 ones, so now both versions of each program work.
I like the beta, but have noticed that in Access I cannot scroll through the records in Form view. Am I missing something obvious?

  KathyThomas 14:36 24 Jun 2006

I am also having problems with access when i go from table view to design view the program crashes.

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